Training Program - Women’s Human Rights Training Institute, 2018-2019, Bulgaria


July 13, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - Training Program - Women’s Human Rights Training Institute, 2018-2019, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF) invites participants for a training program  of the Seventh Round of the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute (WHRTI-7), 2018-2019.


The WHRTI provides the participants advanced and in-depth knowledge and practical exercises on women’s human rights protection in the four main areas noted above. The WHRTI improves their practical skills in legal writing and advocacy (in English) for development of strategic litigation in the region both at the national and international levels through the use of regional and universal human rights mechanisms such as the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and the Optional Protocol to CEDAW as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Optional Protocol to ICCPR. The WHRTI also gives lawyers an opportunity to get acquainted with the EU standards in the field of equal treatment of women and men, including the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

ELIGIBILITY: Twenty five participants will be selected among practicing lawyers and legal counselors working with human rights or women’s rights NGOs in the region. Successful applicants should:

  • have a substantial and sustainable professional interest and a demonstrated commitment to women’s human rights advocacy and/or litigation, and in using the legal instruments and litigation creatively to secure redress for women’s rights violations;
  • have a professional relationship/affiliation for at least one year prior to the application with an institution/organization that has capacity to litigate women’s rights cases or has experience with litigation and preferably focuses in her/his work on women’s human rights;
  • have demonstrated interest and at minimum some basic legal knowledge and understanding of the international universal and the regional human rights law, legal standards and instruments,
  • be committed and available to actively participate in all the three sessions of the Institute (approximately one week every six months) and to be involved in the intersessional work;
  • have fluency in written and spoken English, and advanced English language comprehension.



The applicants short-listed for an interview will be contacted by 24 August 2018

The interviews with the pre-selected applicants will be held online by a representative of the WHRTI team.

The final selection will be done by 20 September2018.

Financial conditions:

The expenses related to the selected participants’ attendance in all the three sessions of the Institute are covered by WHRTI as follows:

Tuitions fees: for the participants who have been selected and who are fulfilling their training tasks in due time.

Travel costs: airplane/train/bus tickets from the country of residence at the time of selection to and from Bulgaria – reimbursement is based on the original receipts, tickets, boarding passes;

Transfer from and to the airport/railway station/ bus station at arrival and departure;

Hotel accommodation: for the days of the training sessions – in shared rooms for two participants;

Full board meals, including coffee breaks/or equivalent per diems for the days of the training sessions according to the announced agenda;

Training materials and additional literature related to the training curriculum of WHRTI;

The programme has been implemented so far thanks mainly to the generous support of Open Society Institute- Budapest, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, and also of Equality Now, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the ESCR- Net, the Global Fund for Women, and other supporters.

The First session of the WHRTI 7 is planned to be conducted within the period 15-25 November 2018.


The overarching objectives of the Institute are to:

  • develop successful regional and country level litigation strategies on women’s human rights in CEE/NIS.
  • build the capacity of lawyers in CEE/NIS to litigate women’s human rights cases at the national, regional and UN levels.
  • provide continuous support and expertise for women’s rights litigation efforts of lawyers in CEE/NIS and seed new women’s rights litigation.
  • strengthen the network of lawyers for women’s human rights’ strategic litigation in the region.

The WHRTI relies on a three-prong approach focusing on the developing jurisprudence in the above mentioned fields of women’s rights.

The WHRTI takes place in Bulgaria.

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