Prague Seminar Week, Redefine Next 100


July 01, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Prague Seminar Week, Redefine Next 100

Redefine Next 100

The ReDefine Next 100 program brings together selected students from diverse fields including (but not limited to) humanities, social sciences, engineering, medicine, computing science, art and the natural sciences. In international teams, 40 top young leaders identify the issue they perceive to be the paramount global challenge in the future. This diverse team incorporates innovative ideas from various respective fields and proposes a way to address this challenge. Up to ten teams will be invited to Prague for a five day-long workshop, where they perfect their work to a final proposal with high-level mentors. The top teams, as selected by a panel of experts, will be invited to present their ideas at The Next 100 Symposium.

The top teams, as selected by a panel of experts, will be invited to present their ideas at the Next 100 Symposium and the winning team will receive The Next 100 Redefiner Award.

Please prepare your answers in advance and copy them into the form when ready, as you will not be able to use this form as a working document or save any of your work before submitting it officially. The character limits serve as a maximum amount, your answer may be as short as you deem sufficient to answer the question.
If the question does not apply to you, please put "N/A".

Successful applicants will demonstrate:
A passion for innovative, cross-disciplinary critical thinking
Leadership in their field & team collaboration
An interest in modern technology and how it can improve our global understanding

Timeline of necessary participation/availability:
17 - 29 of July: forming your team
30 of July - 27 of August: work collaboratively (online) on your group project & attend mandatory online mentoring sessions with your group
5 - 9 of September: attend the Prague Seminar Week in the Czech Republic
10 - 21 September: finalise group project and submit it to the Program Board for evaluation
13 - 16 November: winning teams will be invited to attend and present at The Next 100 Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic. (Attendance isn’t mandatory to the Symposium in November)

If you are successfully selected as a Redefiner, you will have 2 weeks to form a team of 4 with the other successful applicants.
This application form includes personal information as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We may use this information in the following ways:

In follow-up communications from the Next 100 and Redefiners team.
To share with the Program Board for selection of successful applicants.
If your application is successful, to include in promotional materials, including booklets, website posts and App content.
To connect you with mentors and individuals who can help your project.
To share with host organisations for registration at events you attend.
To form part of our anonymised statistics on the impact of the Redefiners Program and The Next 100 Symposium.

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