Summer Academy for Young Professionals 2018, Sweden


May 15, 2018

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Summer Academy for Young Professionals in Western Balkans

Do you want to be a part of a network of emerging leaders with a shared interest in exploring sustainable modern governance? Do you want to meet and work with other young professionals from Western Balkans and Sweden? Apply for the SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals. 

The mission of the Swedish Institute Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP WB) is to lead change for responsible leadership and sustainable modern governance. The programme is developed to build new networks, knowledge and practices for increased transparency, efficiency and resilience in public administration in the Western Balkans.

As a participant in the programme, you will meet prominent figures within academia who will be presenting topics such as public management, transparency, efficiency, gender equality, leadership and public ethics. The curriculum includes theoretical approaches, problem-solving using real cases and interactive workshops with experienced practitioners focused on project management and social- and public innovation. It also includes visits to Swedish agencies, NGOs, local and regional government and coaching on your own project case.

By the end of the programme, you are a part of a network of future leaders working for sustainable governance in Western Balkans and Sweden and a part of a long-lasting and active network of Swedish Alumni.

SAYP will give you

  • A network of future leaders focused on sustainable modern governance and responsible leadership
  • Development of your professional skills
  • Increased knowledge about sustainable modern governance
  • Increased competence within public management
  • Insights into Swedish public sector, one of the leading countries in sustainable governance
  • Exchange of experience with prominent practitioners within the public sector
  • Experience in a cross-sectoral work environment
  • A lifelong membership in the SI Alumni Network, and exclusive access to Peer Shadowing and other tools for continued learning

You can apply if you

  • are a citizen of and currently working in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Sweden
  • are under 36 years old (up to 35)
  • have good command of English language
  • have a relevant higher education (at least three years)
  • are employed in one of the following groups:
  • Policymakers (politicians, government officials, employees of political parties)
  • Public servants (non-political civil servants working at government agencies)
  • Civil society workers (CSO/NGO volunteers/employees)

Programme outline

The programme consists of three main components;

  1. The first takes place in the participants’ home countries in the form of preparatory meetings/webinars and/or reading of material provided by the thematic module organizer: Malmö University.
  2. This is followed by an intense thematic two-weeks-module during 3-16 August. The thematic module will be held in Malmö.
  3. The module is followed up in the participants’ home countries during autumn, in the form of events, such as study visits or workshop, or follow up project work

After the programme

SI offers SAYP alumni exclusively the opportunity to apply for Peer shadowing, a short-term mobility grant which allows for week-long visits to an organisation in another country.

All participants will become members of the SI Alumni Network, a vast professional and global contact network meant to keep building good practices and mutual learning processes for a sustainable future. As a member of this network, participants have the opportunity to participate in upcoming alumni events and workshops on themes relevant to their area of expertise.

Costs covered by Swedish Institute

  • Training and content
  • Accommodation, food and local transport during the two- weeks – module
  • Flight tickets to and from Sweden
  • Insurance covering acute illness and accident when in Sweden
  • Some social activities
  • Airport transfers in Sweden

Costs covered and arranged by you

  • Visas costs, when necessary
  • Occasional meals


Your application must contain the following documents:

  1. Motivation letter according to the SI template.
    Motivation letters in any other templates or formats are NOT valid. Make sure to read the questions in the Motivation Letter thoroughly and be specific and personal in your reasoning. Without exception, answers may not exceed the allowed number of characters (letters and spaces) for each question.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the Europass format of maximum 3 pages.
    A CV submitted in any other format than the Europass is NOT valid. Additional pages will be disregarded.
  3. Letter of Reference. It is recommended to use the SI template.
    Remember that a letter of reference that is not signed is NOT valid.
  4. English language certificate. If you do not have an English language certificate, prepare the SI template to be submitted with your application. An English language teacher or other professional, who can evaluate your English language proficiency, may sign the template to validate your English language level. If you have completed a master’s- or PhD degree in English, you may use the diploma as a certificate.  SAYP 2018 requires at least English 6 or Independent User B2 (in average) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Successful candidates will be notified in late May – early June.

Applications are uploaded and submitted in application portal. Only applicants who have submitted a complete application will be considered for the programme. These are the steps in the application process:

  1. Download and fill out the mandatory documents
  2. Go to the application portal:
  3. Register as a new user. Upload the documents and submit.

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