Zalando Fashion Scholarship, UK

Publish Date: Mar 11, 2016

Deadline: May 01, 2016

Zalando Fashion Scholarship

At Zalando, we believe that the best and most powerful ideas come about when individuals are given the freedom to create something entirely new. We refuse to be boxed in, break with tradition and prefer unchartered territory to established approaches – we continue to challenge how we work and strive to keep reinventing ourselves. We’d much rather take a leap into the unknown than stay stuck in the same place forever. And we never stop learning. We thrive on change, strive for the best, and are determined to offer Europe’s best online shopping experience. For us, if we’re not moving forwards, that means we’re moving backward – and never more so than now – in the digital era we live in. As a dynamic and rapidly growing company, we are proud of our strong, international team full of brains, skills, and people from all over the world. New ideas and new ways of thinking: this is what fuels us. Now here’s where you come in: we want you to tell us how YOU see the future of fashion in a fast-paced online world. Be creative and let your ideas run wild – the only limit is your imagination! Tell us how you see the future of fashion in e-commerce. Our jury will select the most creative and most powerful idea and the winner will be rewarded with a scholarship of £5,000. Get inspired and surprise us with your innovative ideas about the future of fashion e-commerce.


“How will e-commerce influence the fashion industry in the future?”

Put your thinking cap on and write a 1500 (min.) – 2000 (max.) word structured analysis on the topic.

You have totally free reign to choose an approach so do try to be creative. Try to take advantage of your own academic background, using your own skills, experiences, studies, and interests to help you bring fresh insight to the topic. You don't have to be a fashion student to apply: The Zalando Scholarship is open to students of any University course, who can show they have a passion for fashion and great ideas for the future of e-commerce. Whether you're studying business, marketing, fashion, or something else entirely, we welcome your most creative and innovative ideas.


Send your ideas to by 1st May 2016 at the latest. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. Please be sure to include a PDF copy of your student enrollment document for the 2016/2017 academic year within your application.

The scholarship will be awarded by an internal jury at Zalando. The jury will assess and select the successful application based on the quality and accuracy of the paper. The winner will be notified within 4 weeks after the end of the competition period.

Some important dates for you:

01/02/2016 – Scholarship applications open
01/05/2016 - The deadline for all applications
31/05/2016 - The scholarship recipient will be announced


Applications open 1st February 2016 and close 1st May 2016. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must be enrolled in a University based in the United Kingdom for the 2016 Spring Term and be a permanent UK resident.

This opportunity has expired. It was originally available under this link
But it is no more active.

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