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Online Course - The Love of Money - Finance in Everyday Life 2020, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Publish Date: Sep 27, 2020

Deadline: Nov 02, 2020

The Love of Money - Finance in Everyday Life

About this course

With the MOOC "Das liebe Geld - Finance in everyday life" you will acquire basic knowledge for making conscious and correct financial decisions in everyday life. You will acquire specific tools that can help you make better everyday decisions and gain an insight into various latest research findings in finance.

We accompany you in six weekly modules to make solid financial everyday decisions. After an introduction, you will learn the time value of money as a central concept for decision-making. Considerations for personal financial planning are followed by the basic knowledge of investing. Then you pause and reflect on the question of values ​​using specific examples, especially with regard to financial products such as derivatives and structured products. In an excursus you will also get an insight into Bitcoin and blockchain. The topic of investing is then deepened: You will encounter the greatest enemy of the investor and consider the interaction of financial market participants in biological analogies. At the end, you will critically reflect on what you have heard and learned and hopefully take a lot of concrete tools with you into everyday life. The contents of the individual modules can also be edited individually. The course is also suitable for those interested who do not have the time or interest in the overall course. The course is held in German.

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