University of Grenoble QuEnG Doctoral Scholarship 2018, France

Publish Date: Aug 30, 2017

The QuEnG doctoral programme is funded by the Idex-UGA and aims to foster a pluridisciplinary ecosystem for quantum technologies. We invite outstanding candidates to apply for our three-year interdisciplinary PhD program "Quantum Engineering Grenoble" (QuEnG). The laureates will pursue high-level research at the interface between physics, mathematics, computer sciences, social sciences, humanities, or with industrial coaching.
The QuEnG  program  aims  to  foster  a  local  ecosystem for quantum  technologies,  building  on  the  unique  concentration  of  expertises, know-how, and resources of Grenoble area. The targeted ecosystem will connect various areas of knowledge, from science  to  humanities  and  entrepreneurship.  The  students  of  the  program  will  work  together  to address  current  challenges  of  quantum  technologies,  at  the  interface  between  physics,  computer science, mathematics, industry, philosophy and social science. 
They will contribute to the creation, the development and the animation of the ecosystem through actions supported by Grenoble-Alpes University. The QuEnG program provides a unique opportunity to develop a network both in the private and in the academic sector, and to become one of the future quantum engineers. 

Eligibility criteria

Scholarships  will  be  attributed  on  the  following  topics:
  • quantum hardware,
  • quantum software,
  • qubit/photon  interface,
  • quantum sensing,
  • energetic and entropic footprints of quantum processing,
  • societal and philosophical aspects of quantum theory and  quantum technologies,
  • along the lines of the project Quantum Engineering Grenoble

Applicants have to meet the following main criteria:

  • Outstanding or excellent Master’s degree or equivalent qualification
  • Capacity  or  good  previous  knowledge  in  Quantum  Computing,  Quantum  Technology, Philosophy or Sociology of Science, Mathematics
  • Outstanding references

Any local actor of the site can propose a candidate. To have the information in real time, it is essential to be registered on the mailing list To be approached by candidates, it is also highly recommended to appear on the QuEnG directory.
The evaluation criteria will be primarily the excellence of the candidates, the interdisciplinary and / or intersectoral character of the project, and the adequacy with the objectives of the WorkPackages described in the QuEnG project. It is mandatory that the PhD projects clearly involve collaborations between different area of knowledge/sectors. Possible options involve industrial coaching, co-supervised PhDs, or twinned PhDs.
To propose a project relevant for the community, you must have approached the leader of your targeted WP much before the deadline.


From  1769  euros/month  (without  teaching)  to  2100  euros/month  (with  teaching)  before taxes, with additional research grants ranging from 5 k€ to 40 k€.

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