PhD Studentship 2019 at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK

University of Cambridge


June 05, 2019


Opportunity Cover Image - PhD Studentship 2019 at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK

BBSRC iCASE Studentship - Lysosome Dysfunction

One PhD studentship supported by the BBSRC and GSK is available to work with Prof Paul Luzio, Dr Symeon Siniossoglou and Dr Nick Bright in the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR) from 1st October 2019, to investigate the mechanism of drug-induced lysosome dysfunction using high content imaging.

Lysosomes are now recognised as multifunctional signalling hubs within mammalian cells as well as the terminal degradative compartments of the cell's autophagic and endocytic pathways. Over half of all commercially available drugs contain at least one basic amine and are potentially lysosomotropic. The drawbacks of lysosomotropic compounds, which may cause lysosome dysfunction, represent a significant hurdle in drug development. The project will involve identifying and characterising new probes, substrates and assays to evaluate lysosome dysfunction in mammalian cells as well as studying, in mammalian and yeast cell systems, an enzyme implicated in drug-induced phospholipidosis. Advanced microscopy techniques and appropriate molecular biology methods will be applied. The research will contribute to our fundamental knowledge of the molecular cell biology of lysosomes as well as of lysosome dysfunction. The studentship will include a placement period(s) at GSK David Jack Centre for R&D, Ware, UK.

This BBSRC iCASE studentship is fully funded (fees and stipend) for UK students for 4 years. 

Students with, or expecting to attain, at least an upper second class, honours degree in a relevant biological sciences subject are invited to apply.

Please note that any offer of funding will be conditional on securing a place for a PhD in Medical Science (CIMR) in the University of Cambridge. Candidates will therefore also need to apply separately for admission through the University's Graduate Admissions application portal. This can be done after applying/being considered for this funding opportunity, but must be completed by 28 June 2019. Note that there is a £60 fee for PhD applications.

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