PhD Scholarships on Aggregation and Modelling of Distributed Energy Resources Across Energy Domains 2019, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Technical University of Denmark


May 10, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - PhD Scholarships on Aggregation and Modelling of Distributed Energy Resources Across Energy Domains 2019, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Two PhD Scholarships on Aggregation and Modelling of Distributed Energy Resources Across Energy Domains

The Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at the Department of Electrical Engineering invites applications for two 3-year PhD positions associated with three different research projects.
PhD position 1 is on aggregation of distributed energy resources with particular focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and stationary storage systems for providing ancillary services (both at distribution and transmission level) to the grid. The PhD student will contribute to the activities of two ongoing research projects (ACES and CAR) and contribute to a limited extent to the newly funded H2020 project INSULAE. Key elements of the PhD investigation will include methodologies for modeling heterogeneous sets of unidirectional and bidirectional chargers, and EVs of various sizes, subject to different driving requirements. Important elements will be the synergy with other types of stationary storage systems and adherence with international grid codes and standards. Battery degradation of the EV/storage, while providing grid services, is a critical factor that will be assessed as well.
PhD position 2 is on modeling of multi-energy systems and interaction with the electrical domain for the provision of flexibility, considering thermal requirements. The PhD student will be fully involved in the H2020 project INSULAE and will leverage on the existing knowledge of the Bornholm energy system gathered during previous research projects. Key elements include a holistic assessment of the energy requirements of the Bornholm energy system (including electrical, thermal and transportation perspectives) in order to accommodate the increasing amount of fluctuating renewable (wind and solar) energy produced on the island and to become carbon neutral by 2025, avoiding the need for further interconnections with the mainland. Additionally, the potential of various technologies, including local resources such as biomass and waste in an existing plant (Biokraft) in the District of Aakirkeby, will be investigated.

Funding research projects

  • The Danish project ACES (Across Continents Electric Vehicles Services) investigates technical and economic system benefits and impacts by large scale electric vehicles integration in Bornholm, augmented by real usage patterns, grid data and field testing for across continents replicability. 
  • The EU Interreg project CAR (Creating Automotive Renewal) develops systems solutions for the implementation and scale-up of electric vehicle systems. The approach comprises vehicles, charging posts, payment solutions, and business models. 
  • The H2020 project INSULAE aims at testing technologies for decarbonizing islands. It foresees demonstrations in three European islands (including Bornholm) in order to prove technical and economic feasibility of various energy technologies and solutions for increasing renewables and energy independency.

Candidates should hold a two-year MSc or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year MSc. The applicants should fulfil the following requirements:
  • Excellent grades in the master program.
  • Knowledge of power systems operation.
  • Familiar with distributed energy resources (DERs) grid integration issues.
  • Knowledge of simulations software or power systems specific tools (for example Matlab-Simulink; Python; PowerFactory).
  • Ability to present results in technical reports, and prepare scientific papers for publication in international journals.
  • Proficient use of the English language.
  • Dedicated person with desire to learn is an essential quality.

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