Spring University Prague Program Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty, 2–13 April 2017, Czech Republic

Publish Date: Dec 06, 2016

Deadline: Feb 22, 2017

Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty

April 2nd – April 13th 2017

The objective of the Spring University Prague 2017, “ Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty”, is to provide students with a broad understanding of the most significant political and social issues in contemporary Europe.

Instead of relaxing at the “End of History” after the collapse of Eastern Bloc in 1989, Europe is facing new challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. These new challenges – including the economic and financial crisis, ageing population, complicated relations with Russia and Turkey, terrorist attacks connected with the activities of the Islamic State and most currently, the strong immigration flow – are raising concerns and leading to significant political radicalisation and social unrest. On the one hand, this challenging period raises feelings of uncertainty: Are we moving from solid to “liquid times”? What will “Europe” mean in the future? How does all this influence our everyday lives? On the other hand, this “Age of Uncertainty” is an ideal time to revise common approaches and look for new perspectives. We will, together, analyse and discuss the current development of Europe in an inspiring environment made up of students coming from countries all over the world.

The course provides an interdisciplinary approach and combines multiple learning methods, such as lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, field work, group-work and student presentations. Students will not only have the opportunity to explore a range of interesting topics and gain valuable insights into the current challenges and risks to the development of Europe, but will also have occasion to improve their research and presentation skills.

Moreover, there will be numerous free-time activities that will provide participants with a chance to enjoy the wide range of attractions that Prague has to offer.

The application process has just started. We look forward to your application!


Students will be staying in a dormitory of Charles University situated in the residencial part of Prague (Prague 6). It takes about 35 minutes by bus and tram to the building where almost all your lectures and workshops will take place. The accommodation is included in the total price of your course.

Address: Kolej Kajetánka, Radimova 12, 160 00 Prague 6

The Kolej Kajetánka dormitory is located in Prague 6 under the Břevnov Monastery (Břevnovský klášter). It offers accommodation in cubicles (with shared bathroom and toilet facilities for two rooms only), and in single and double rooms (the number of single rooms, which are available for us, is limited). There is a beautiful view of Prague Castle from the rooms on the upper floors. There is a good bus and tram or metro connection to the city centre. The stop for this transportation is in the immediate vicinity of the dormitory. There is a free car park available in front of the building for guests using motorised transport.

How to apply

The application process has just started. We look forward to your application!

  • The programme is intended for students who are currently enrolled in a college or university or recently graduated.
  • To be considered for admission, you have to submit the On-line Application Form.
  • The preliminary application deadline is February 22, 2017. Nevertheless, who applies earlier has a better chance.
  • Approximately 25–30 students will be admitted to the Spring University.
  • As has been the case in past years, it is expected that the student body will be truly international.
  • Students admitted to the program are expected to participate fully, which means attending all classes and lectures.
  • A very good level of English is essential for successful participation in the Spring University.

In order to apply go to "Further official information" below and find the online application form.

After receiving your Application Form, the programme coordinator will inform you about the current state of the application process and ask you to send the following documents:

  • Your CV (in English language)
  • A motivation letter
  • A document proving your enrollment in a college or university or your recent graduation (for example a confirmation letter/form issued by your university, copies of relevant diplomas and transcripts, etc. A scan or a photo of such a document is sufficient. It may be submitted in the language in which it was originally issued. If we need a translation, we will ask for it.)
  • Proof of your knowledge of English (if you are not a native speaker). We require at least the B2 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages– easy explanation on the page No. 24). You will be asked to send us either: a copy of a language exam certificate or an official confirmation that you have passed an university course in English or another course in English at the required level. In the case you study/studied an academic programme which is being taught entirely in English, the document proving your enrollment or graduation will be considered as a proof of your knowledge of English.

Decisions on admission

  • Decisions on admission are made on a rolling basis according the rounds described below.
  • Applications which are received before December 13, 2016 will be reviewed on December 16, 2016. At that time we will offer maximally 30 students a position in the programme. Those selected will be asked to confirm their attendance and pay the programme fee within cca three weeks.
  • Usually only 50 % of students who receive an offer to participate, actually decide to attend. Places which are not secured after the first round will be offered in several subsequent rounds. The second review of applications is planned for the middle of January, the third one for the end of January and so forth until all the places are taken.
  • The programme coordinator will inform you about the exact dates and deadlines and also about the current number of remaining places.
  • Students who are not successful in the first review round still have a relatively good chance to be admitted. Their applications are automatically reviewed again in the next rounds together with any newly incoming applications. The same is true for all former applications in the following review rounds.

Criteria for decisions on admission

  • Your interest in international affairs and development in Europe (your field of study at the university, jobs and internships, volunteering, student competitions, other summer schools, etc.)
  • Your year of study (more advanced students are being preferred)
  • Intercultural competence (knowledge of foreign languages, experience of living, studying or working abroad, etc.)

In the case of very similar achievements in the criteria above, the country of origin may be taken into account. Because we are trying to create a truly international group of students, we would prefer to offer the possibility to participate in our programme to students from a diverse set of countries around the world.

Some statistics about the application process from one of our previous programs, the Spring University Prague 2015:

  • 130 Online Application Forms received
  • 51 % of these applicants sent us all the required documents
  • 55 applicants got an offer to participate in our spring study programme
  • 30 students participated in April 2015 (the capacity was full)
  • 17 % of students who sent us all the required documents were not admitted

Fees and Cost

The programme fee is 790 EUR. (approx. 870 USD)

This is a total price and includes:

  • Tuition (all lectures, workshops, discussions, etc. as mentioned in the programme)
  • Cultural and social events (as mentioned in the programme)
  • Reading materials (an on-line version will be at your disposal after enrolling)
  • Housing at the Hall of Residence
  • 2 meals per day (breakfast and lunch)
  • advice and help of our team during whole your stay in Prague

Thanks to the generosity of Charles University which has international cooperation and student exchange as its highest priority you can make use of a relatively low cost of the Spring University in comparison with other spring or summer schools. For very reasonable price you will get the highest academic standards and an exciting cultural and social programme. Moreover, accommodation, meals and reading materials are prepared for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can concentrate only on studying and enjoying yourself.

For more information click "Further official information" below.

The only costs not included in the price are transportation, dinners, medical insurance and pocket money.

In case you are accepted, paid the fee, and find out that you cannot participate in the spring school for any reason, we will refund you 90 % at any moment until February 22, 2017. The rest of the sum will be used on transfer fees, labour costs and storno fees. Later cancellations are solved on an individual basis.


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