Reporters in the Field Fellowship Program for Journalists from German-speaking or Non-German-speaking Countries, Europe

Publish Date: Sep 30, 2015

Deadline: Oct 02, 2015

Are you a reporter who simply wants to dig deeper and take the road less travelled? Who insists on exploring countries in ways they haven’t been seen before? Who is determined to discover new insights about people and the issues that affect them?

We support journalists committed to in-depth research and cross-border investigation.

Our award program “Reporters in the Field” promotes high-quality research projects by journalists from German-speaking or non-German-speaking countries in Europe. We offer bi-annual grants of up to 5.000 € to journalists or reporters teams, for cross-border travel to pursue detailed research for an original news or feature story of their choice.

The program is hosted by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with the Berlin School of Journalism. It includes two separate workshops in Berlin at which the program fellows will meet with distinguished journalists to discuss their projects and current issues in the field of foreign reporting.

Dialog and diversity are at the heart of our program, and we know that the best reporters come from vastly differing backgrounds.

At "Reporters in the Field", we embrace diversity.

Whilst we do have some eligibility criteria, what ultimately counts for us is your passion for excellence, your uncompromising standard of research, and your creativity in finding and pursuing your research topic. And of course, we want to see your completed story at the end – in whatever way you decide to produce and publish it!

The grants are awarded by an independent jury of distinguished international journalists.

Please review the following information and our FAQ carefully before applying. If you find that you have any remaining questions, you are welcome to contact us.

The program is offered bi-anually with the following deadlines for application:

  • Round I:   02. October, 2015
  • Round II:  26. February, 2016

Applications should only be made in English via our online portal.

We welcome applications from professional, freelance or staff journalists who work for media outlets (print, broadcast, Web, or cross-media) in one of the program countries. Applications can be made by individuals or reporter teams. No age limit applies.

Program Countries
German-speaking: Austria, Germany, Switzerland,

Non-German-speaking: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Hungary , Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Language requirements

Please note that the program and the program workshops are run in English, and you need an advanced level of spoken and written English to participate.  Whilst we expect the completed projects to be produced in the language of your chosen media, you will be required to submit English abstracts and translations for the workshops and the program in general.
our research proposal: Please experiment!
Be creative and courageous in selecting your research topic. We welcome proposals that make a difference in more than one way! We support original or unconventional research ideas, projects that contribute new insights or approach issues from unusual angles, and imaginative ways of story-telling.

Our program is based on cross-border investigation:

Journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are invited to apply with research proposals based in the non-German speaking program countries. Please see the list of countries included in the scheme

Journalists from the non-German-speaking program countriesare invited to propose research for stories based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Please consult the FAQ for the detailed application requirements.

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