I want to study at Yale University. What do I need to know?

Deciding to study at Yale is a great choice!

US News ranks the University of Yale in the 11th position in its latest Best Global Universities ranking. It's one of the oldest universities founded in the US (1701) and is one of the most prestigious universities in the US and globally. Also, around 20% of the Yale students are international, coming from about 110 countries. 

This multicultural and highly prestigious academic destination can become your next study place as well. We are almost sure you have heard of Yale so many times, but maybe you do not know many details on what you can study there and how you can apply. 

If that's the point, read on to summarize the essential points you need to know as a future student of Yale. 

What can I study at Yale?

Everything, if being short. 

Yale University consists of the following primary schools:

The policies at Yale require students to directly apply to the college or school in which they are interested. There are no centralized application procedures and requirements. Therefore, once determining what direction of studies you choose for your Yale studies, use the above links to check the individual requirements for eligibility, admission, and financial aid for the particular school. 

Further, this article refers to information you might find helpful depending on your degree level. 

For undergraduate students

If you plan to apply for undergraduate studies at Yale, Yale College is where you should focus your research on. That's the academic division within the university, which offers instruction on the liberal arts and sciences, and is the home for all the undergraduate students applying to Yale. 

Yale College's purpose is to develop students' intellectual abilities and prepare them for the majors they will choose in the future. Here you can see the list of all the majors that Yale University can offer you during your undergraduate studies.

Reminder: your undergraduate application should be directly referred to Yale College.  

There are three types of applications you can submit to Yale College.

You should choose and use only one of the applications, and each of them is equally acceptable for the university. Important components of the undergraduate application require the following documents:

  • School Report and transcripts

  • Recommendations from two teachers and a counselor

  • ACT or SAT test results

  • Mid-Year report

Unless otherwise specified, the deadline for applications is November 1. The deadline for the financial application is shortly after, November 10. However, on the date you read this article, the mentioned deadlines might be modified. Therefore, make sure to check the updated deadlines once again before organizing your application. 

For graduate students

Just like Yale College for undergraduate students, Graduate School for Arts and Sciences is the central academic unit supporting the study and research of the graduate students. This means you should refer your application directly there and concentrate your research on the school before coming up with your application. 

Graduate School for Arts and Sciences at Yale grants students with Master's and Doctoral degrees. In addition, you can acquire a terminal Master's degree if you do not want to continue to the level of doctoral studies. 

The main four types of graduate programs at Yale include:

Students who apply to Ph.D. and Master's at Yale should consider preparing the following main types of application documents:

  • A statement of academic purpose

  • Transcripts from all the schools or universities that you have attended before application

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • GRE and TOEFL or IELTS, specified by your chosen program's specific requirements

  • Resume/CV

  • Writing sample (might not be required for some programs)

There are three deadlines for Ph.D. and Master's applicants. Depending on the degree program you choose, you might have deadlines for December 1, December 15, and January 2. However, on the date you read this article, the mentioned deadlines might be modified. Therefore, make sure to check the updated deadlines once again before organizing your application.

Financial Aid

Yale does not have a standard procedure or eligibility requirements for financial aid. Indeed, the financial aid terms vary depending on the type of student. However, an essential mission of Yale's financial aid program is that no student should be restricted from study opportunities because of financial need. 

So, below are the main requirements for each type of student:

A bit more of Yale

Though the official foundation date for the Yale University is 1701, its history has started even before that. Starting from the 1640s, colonial clergymen started preparations for establishing a local college, which would follow the approach of European Liberal Education. 

In 1701, when already formally established, the school did not have its current name yet. The official renaming of the college dates back to 1718. It honors Welsh Merchant Elihu Yale, who had a significant role in the life of the university at the beginning. Particularly, he gifted the university 417 books, a portrait of King George I. 

Initially, Yale wanted to educate its students for Public Employment both in Church and Civil State. Throughout its history, the university always had the course to educate future leaders, who would make global change each in their places. 





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