About Us

Joomag is the first innovative service for digital interactive magazine publishing and hosting. It features a powerful platform for creating digital interactive content, including magazines, e-books, catalogs, reports, brochures and photo albums, and delivers an exceptional reading experience to users thanks to the carefully designed online viewer with realistic flipping effects and user friendly magnifying and panning features.

Who should use Joomag?

Everyone is free to use Joomag. Individuals can use it to publish articles, photo albums, brochures and so on using Joomag’s online editing tools. Media business owners can use it to publish their existing printed materials by converting them to digital format using the converter tool, which can convert from popular editorial formats to Joomag’s digital format. They can then add interactivity, such as videos, links, sounds and animation, using the editing tools.

Printed Magazines vs. Digital Interactive Magazines

Both have advantages and drawbacks. Printed magazines are widely viewed as the most user-friendly medium ever created for reading, but what they can’t deliver is interactivity, now a fundamental factor in today’s communications. Printed magazines cannot contain videos or sounds, they cannot surprise readers with animations, they cannot collect feedback or statistics, they are not cheap to produce and they are not green! Digital interactive magazines not only solve all these issues, but can be read anywhere a computer is available, while still preserving the real life reading experience, including page flipping, zooming desired sections and searching.





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