National STEM Learning Centre Online course - Managing Behaviour for Learning

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Maintain discipline and transform your classroom with one of three courses for teachers from the National STEM Learning Centre.

This course is part of the STEM Teaching program, which will enable you to develop your STEM teaching skills and enjoy your teaching more.


This free online course is for teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects, focusing mainly on the context of UK schools and colleges. It aims to help you learn how to maintain discipline when dealing with unruly students. Although the course draws from examples experienced in the UK, the material covered is relevant to an international audience (and to non-STEM teachers).

Understand Managing Behaviour for Learning in theory and practice

Through this course you will:

  • manage your own behaviour to influence the behaviour of your students;
  • use rules and routines to achieve consistency;
  • use of recognition intelligently to motivate students;
  • reduce friction when students behave badly;
  • and become familiar with reparation and restorative practice.

Enjoy your teaching more

As the course progresses you’ll be encouraged to try Managing Behaviour for Learning in your classroom and laboratory, actively reflect on what you discover in the process, and share your experience as part of the course discussions.

You’ll also be invited to read some of the research literature about Managing Behaviour for Learning. Your learners will gain as a result - and you’ll enjoy your teaching more.

Learn with behaviour management specialist Paul Dix

This course has been developed by the National STEM Learning Centre. It gives you the opportunity to learn with Paul Dix, a leading voice in behaviour management in the UK and internationally, and co-founder of behaviour specialists, Pivotal Education.

Continue learning with the STEM Teaching program

This course is one of three in the STEM Teaching program - a suite of high-impact professional development from the National STEM Learning Centre. Completing the program will enable you to master different elements of STEM teaching and earn a FutureLearn Award as evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD).

About the National STEM Learning Centre

The National STEM Learning Centre provides world-class professional development activities and resources to support the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. The Centre is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility based at the University of York backed by an unrivalled team of experts in the fields of education and STEM.

Our team has created a suite of online and bursary supported face-to-face professional development for teachers and support staff throughout their careers. Extensive research shows the direct positive impact of our professional development on participants, students, schools and colleges.

We host a free library of online resources holding thousands of quality assured and curated STEM teaching resources alongside those contributed by the wider teaching community.

You can also join a conversation with thousands of like-minded professionals in our online community.

The National STEM Learning Centre is operated by STEM Learning Ltd. STEM Learning (formerly Myscience) is an initiative of the White Rose University Consortium (comprising the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York) and Sheffield Hallam University. STEM Learning manages the National Science Learning Network, the National STEM Centre and other programmes supporting STEM education.


This course is designed for English-speaking teachers of STEM subjects in primary and secondary schools, and sixth form and FE colleges. It’s also relevant to trainee teachers, teacher trainers, those thinking about a career in STEM teaching and developers of STEM-related course materials.

It is a continuing professional development (CPD) course for people who, in the main, have a degree level qualification, or who are in the process of obtaining one.

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November 17, 2016
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