McGill University Entrance Scholarships for International Students 2020, Canada

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June 30, 2020



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Need-based financial aid for future undergraduates

McGill University is committed to supporting the academic pursuits of qualified undergraduate students who require financial assistance. The University’s Entrance Bursary Program offers entrance bursaries to students from low to modest income families who demonstrate financial need. Those eligible to apply include all:

  • newly accepted, first-year, first-degree undergraduates, and
  • newly accepted, first-year undergraduates entering professional programs in Medicine and Law

The goal of the program is to make the University more accessible to those who face financial challenges by supplementing other funding resources such as government aid, Indigenous Band Support Funding, part-time work, parental support, and other sources of funding.

Perk! Any student receiving this form of aid will be automatically approved to seek employment through the University’s Work Study Program upon application via Minerva.

Entrance bursaries range in value and award amounts are determined by:

  • the level of need demonstrated by the student and their family, relative to other applicants
  • the tuition fee rate charged based on the program of study and student residency (Quebec, rest of Canada, US, International)

While these awards are not automatically renewed in the second and subsequent years of study, students may continue to receive assistance through our In-Course Financial Aid Program.

We offer a limited number of entrance bursaries which are renewable and tenable until completion of an undergraduate degree (up to a maximum of four years) provided the criteria for renewal are met (financial need and academic standing). Students will automatically be considered for this type of an entrance award when they submit the Entrance Bursary application on Minerva i.e. no separate application is required.


To be considered for the Entrance Bursary Program, applicants must:

  • enrol in a full-time degree program at the University
  • demonstrate financial need, including the intention to apply for government student aid and/or Indigenous Band Support Funding 

Students registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities may be eligible for financial aid while pursuing a reduced course load.

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John Morris | 2020-09-09 08:24:39
I am from Papua New Guinea. I was unable to complete even a high school diploma or could not make it to any college. My biggest problem was the fees for any course I wanted to pursue. I left school early. I am a villager but have moved into a settlement in Port Moresby. Salary is not sufficent but I have no choice so I am now working as a labourer in any small jobs I find. I need assistance to get a diploma or degree, in any course that may suit my capabilities.