Malta Arts Scholarships 2017, Malta

Publish Date: Mar 15, 2017

Deadline: Apr 07, 2017

Aims and Objectives

Art is the pulse and soul of a vibrantly and progressive nation. An energised, growing and sustainable arts community, which spans all art forms and delivers quality outcomes, will sustain an even more demanding leisure industry and is vital to ensure the future cultural, social, intellectual and economic wellbeing of Malta while in the same time preserving and promoting our immense artistic and cultural heritage which span millennia.

The Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme aims at providing more opportunities to support individuals who are exceptionally talented in the creation and/or promotion of the expressive arts. Theatre, music, dance, design, creative writing, film, the visual arts or any combination thereof shall be given priority.

Explanatory Notes

Unless the context explicitly requires otherwise,

Administrator shall mean the person who carries the overall financial and legal responsibility for the implementation of the scheme.

Agreement shall mean a legally binding document to be signed by the Scholarship Awardee as beneficiary of the Scholarship and the Administrator. These Regulations shall be construed as forming part of the Agreement. The Agreement has to be signed by not later than three (3) months after the commencement of studies or the publication of rankings, whichever comes last unless otherwise justified. The monetary amounts shown in the Agreement shall be disbursed only if the proper documentation (invoices and receipts) are submitted and verified for eligibility and correctness. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Agreement and these Regulations, these Regulations shall prevail in all cases and the Agreement shall be amended to the extent of the discrepancy or inconsistency with these Regulations is rectified.

Appeals Board shall mean a Board appointed by the Minister for Education and Employment, entrusted with assessing and delivering final decisions in respect of petitions submitted by Applicants and Awardees contesting decisions taken by the Arts Scholarships Selection Board and/or the Scholarships Unit - Programme Implementation Directorate as administrator of this scholarship scheme on the interpretation of these Regulations. Any decision taken by the Appeals Board shall be regarded as final and irrevocable for all intents and purposes of the Malta Arts Scholarship Scheme.


In order to apply for an Arts Scholarship, an Applicant shall, by the closing date of Application, that is 7 th April, 2017:

1 (a) be a Maltese citizen who has been residing in Malta for the past five (5) years. Provided that a Maltese citizen who has been residing outside Malta for study, health or work purposes or any other purpose which the ASSB may consider, will still be eligible to apply and this period of time during which the citizen was abroad will not be taken into consideration for the purpose of calculating the five (5) year requirement. or

(b) be a Maltese Citizen who is a worker or self-employed person in Malta, or

(c) be a national of an EU/EEA state or a family member of such EU/EEA national (as defined in LN 191 of 2007 and in LN 205 of 2004 respectively for EU and EEA nationals), provided that such person has obtained permanent residence in Malta in accordance with LN 191 of 2007 and in LN 205 of 2004 respectively for EU and EEA nationals, or

(d) be a national of an EU/EEA state who is in Malta exercising his/her Treaty rights as a worker, self-employed person or person retaining such status in accordance with LN 191 of 2007; or

(e) be a third country national who has been granted long-term residence status in Malta under regulation 4 of the “Status of Long-Term Residents (Third Country Nationals) Regulations 2006” or who have been granted a residence permit under regulation 18(3) thereof, together with family members if such third country nationals who have been granted a residence permit under the “Family Reunification Regulations, 2007”; or

(f) Be applying for a new course / training programme starting throughout 2017 of not less than 9 months or for a programme of study leading to MQF Level 5, or MQF Level 6 or MQF Level 7 or MQF Level 8; or

(g) Be already in a programme of studies at MQF Level 5, or MQF Level 6 or MQF Level 7, or MQF Level 8 BUT the End date of studies is in 2018 or after. In such case, the Applicant is eligible for funding for the remaining years commencing from the date of publication of rankings. The Applicant is still obliged to submit a ULA as per Clause 2.42.

(h) Professional programmes may also be considered.

Types of Scholarships

1 The scheme supports specialised programmes of studies as specified in clause 1.2. The programme of study shall lead to a qualification and may (but not necessarily) lead to an Undergraduate Diploma, First Degree, a Joint Degree or a Postgraduate qualification.

2 The Programme of Study applied for has to take place in a Recognised Institution and shall be a Recognised Programme of Study 1 .

3 The Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme shall support Programme of Studies being on a full-time basis taking place physically on a campus or Part-time and Distance Learning Programmes.

4 In the case of applicants following a programmes of studies at or through a local Recognised Institution shall be applying to follow a programme of study from MQF Level 5 and beyond.

5 The Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme shall support full-time Programmes of Studies of up to a maximum duration of forty eight (48) calendar months but not less than one (1) academic year, meaning being not less than eight (8) calendar months

6 The Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme shall support also part-time / distance learning programmes of studies of up to a maximum of duration of sixty calendar months (60) in the case MQF Levels 5, 6, and 7 and up to a maximum of eighty four (84) calendar months in the case of MQF 8.

7 The last day of submission of the Unconditional Letter of Acceptance shall be noon (local time) of 11th August 2017. This ULA shall originate from one of the Recognised Institutions listed on the Application Form. The Applicant shall accept to undergo the studies at the Institution for which a ULA is submitted by the deadline of 11th August 2017. If the Applicant presents more than one ULA by the deadline, the Applicant shall choose the Institution where to undergo his/her studies. This decision shall be communicated in writing by the Applicant to the ASSB within two working days after the deadline. Failure of the Applicant to communicate the chosen Institution, the ASSB reserves the right to choose the Institution. In this case, the ASSB’s decision is irrevocable. The chosen Institution has to offer the Programme of Study on which the interview was conducted.

8 If the Applicant is required to attend for an audition, interview or any other test before an Unconditional Letter of Acceptance is issued, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to fund his/her own audition or interview or test and such amounts shall not be reimbursable as part of the Scholarship if this is eventually awarded.

9 The successful acceptance by a Recognised Institution to follow a Recognised Programme of Study cannot be interpreted as an automatic qualification for a Scholarship under this scheme

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