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LECTURE - A Journey Through the Armenian Genocide Literature with Rubina Peroomian, April 23, 2014, AUA, Yerevan

Publish Date: Apr 22, 2014

Venue:Alex and Marie Manoogian Hall 

Phone:+374 60 69-40-40Address:

40 Marshal Baghramyan Ave, Yerevan, Armenia


Rubins Pereanian ( Near Eastern Languages and 6PM Cultures from UCLA), formerly a lecturer of Armenian language and literature, is currently a Research Assoefate UC1A. She has leetured widety end has partic,pged symposia. She is the author of chapters in hooks, and research articles in scholarly o-umars. Xer major publfeations include Lite.,IPPS,SESIOCataStrOOP,C0111,150noMe Armenian and Mode wish Experience (1993). AMP. fn the Sphered ielations between the Annan; evolMary Federation and the 82113eulks, 191 7-1921(1fl997) In the Armenian 122,0e (trandeted and published In Russian), And Mose Who continued Li.9 in Turkey after 1.50008 a. 20121 Those wThho LIvmed through the Years of Ca rcption, angy(2012), a series a...textbooks in Armenian on the an Question for grades 10-12 (1990.1999), and a comprehensive... of the History of the an Pees...* schools in Armenia (2000). As a pioneering work in the field of genocide education, she has initlated and compiled a package of age.proper material, lesson pia., and teaching Strategies ta teach the Armenian Genocide 40 Marshal Saghreinven4w. to Arrnenian nee grades end has conducted (..1410) 32 WOO workshops to Introduce the material. The package is poste. rnel.00.00 the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Education since 2011.


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