Social Work Research and Study Opportunities

Social Work is Not a Degree or Profession: It is A Mission

Social work is about making change, empowering and promoting justice. Social work is not only about rehabilitation, psychological and social assistance. It is more about advocating for better interests of clients and making justice happen, it is about empowering people to change their lives and change the society around them.

Thinking about a career in social work? Then be ready to devote time and energy to help people stand up and overcome challenges, make difference in their lives.

Degree Programs in Social Work

Academic programs in social work enjoy vast popularity in US and Europe. They are especially prestigious in countries of Northern Europe. Social work degree programs usually qualify to practice as a social worker, but in some countries graduates need additional licenses to practice.

Undergraduate programs in social work offer high standard curricula, which focuses on delivering general knowledge on:

  • Practice and theory of social work,
  • social, family and child psychology,
  • human rights and dignity,
  • ethics, etc.

Graduate degree programs on social work mix theoretical disciplines with practical skills to prepare students for a career or further doctoral studies. Those who are active in research and scholarship, can benefit from a range of PhD programs available for international students. PhD programs engage students in vibrant academic community to influence social policies and social services through research and innovative approaches.

Graduates of social work programs do not necessarily work as social workers. Many of them engage in public sector to oversee implementation of social policies and services.

Why Use ARMACAD for Social Work?

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