Córdoba National University MSc Scholarships in Space Information 2017

Publish Date: May 25, 2017

Deadline: Jun 15, 2017

MSc in Space Information Applications

Instituto de Altos Estudios Espaciales “Mario Gulich” (CONAE-UNC) Facultad de Matemática Astronomía, Física y Computación (UNC)


The Argentinian National Commission of Space Activities (CONAE) offers scholarships on a competitive basis to carry out studies leading to a Master's Degree (MSc) in Space Information Applications, awarded by Institute of Space Studies "Mario Gulich" (Gulich Institute) which belongs to Córdoba National University (UNC) and CONAE. The Gulich Institute is located within the premises of CONAE’s Space Center Teófilo Tabanera (CETT), located in Falda del Carmen, Córdoba Province, Argentina. It is a center for research, development and training of human resources in the field of space science and technology. This MSc is organized jointly by the Gulich Institute and UNC’s Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computation (FAMAF). Recently it has been rated by the National Commission of Evaluation and University Accreditation (CONEAU) with the maximum level "A" (Res. 490/16). The Gulich Institute operates with strong support from the Italian government and its space agency, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI). The objective of this cooperation is to promote Institute Gulich as an Italo-Argentine center of excellence in the Latin American region. In this context the call is also open to Italian citizens through ASI intervention. One of the main tools of Gulich Institute for achieving its objectives is SIASGE II (Italo- Argentine System for Emergency Management) satellite constellation for the benefit of society, emergency management and economic development. The SIASGE II consists of six satellites equipped with synthetic aperture radars, of which there are already four in orbit while, during the 2017-2018 biennium, Argentina will launch SAOCOM 1A and SAOCOM 1B.

"In the present call, development of a Masters Thesis which uses SAR images within the framework of the projects related to SAOCOM mission and SIASGE II constellation will be encouraged. In this context, the 2018 cohort will have a strong training in SAR image processing applied to the development of models and procedures in order to generate products within the framework of the CONAE Space Plan and SIASGE II objectives, including agriculture, forestry, hydrology, snow and glaciers, the environment and Natural resources of the earth and the sea, oceanography, fishing, geology, mining, cartography and territorial planning, panoramic epidemiology, energy, security and emergencies.. It will also contemplate work plans which include developments of models and procedures whose output corresponds to products with tangible socio-economic impact ".


The Master Program in Space Information Applications (MAIE) is full time and has a duration of two years from February 19th 2018 until February 16th 2020. For this, reason CONAE/ASI will grant to the selected applicants a scholarship covering that period. The call is open to candidates from Argentina, other Latin American countries, and Italian citizens.

In addition to the courses, the MAIE program provides for a Research Tutorial lasting approximately six months. The purpose of this Tutorial is to provide students with direct contact with a work group within a specialized research organization as well as to fostering and strengthening links among students who will be part of the Earth observation community. Argentine students will be able to perform their research stay in Italian institutions while foreign students will be do it in outstanding argentine research centers.

Scholarship includes:

  • A monthly salary
  • For foreign scholarship holders: Health insurance during the stay in Argentina.
  • Round trip ticket to arrive and leave Córdoba
  • Round trip ticket between Córdoba and the destination assigned to the Research Tutorial.

The call is open to candidates who have completed a degree course with official recognition, related to the following areas: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Surveying, Geology, Geography, Oceanography, Biology, Veterinary, Environment, Meteorology, Astronomy, or others that at the discretion of the evaluation committee are relevant to this Master's Degree.

Requirements and documentation required


The application requirements for the call are described in the document "MAIE 2018 Requirements and Conditions of Admission".

Graduate profile

The purpose of the Master is to generate a graduate with technical and scientific capacity to work in projects related to Space information in multidisciplinary teams. The graduate will handle in a comprehensive way the following topics:

  • Techniques and technologies associated with applied remote sensing: digital processing of satellite images, radar image applications (SAR), applied geoprocessing.
  • Applied statistics and numerical models: time series, artificial intelligence and emergency response, programming applied to geomatics.
  • Applications in cartography, meteorology, oceanography, geology, biology and environmental management: management of agricultural and forestry resources, geomatics applied to agricultural, fishing and forestry activities, climate, hydrology and oceanography.
  • Epidemiological and human health applications: applied geomatics to the epidemiological analysis, agricultural, animal or human diseases related to the environment.
  • Risk study and environmental emergencies: spatial analysis of risk situations, numerical early warning models, risk maps

During the two years stay, the graduate will get a strongly customized component. It is sought that professionals from different disciplines use the knowledge of space science and technology received at Instituto Gulich, not only to enrich their original skills, but to increase them with other concurrent disciplines.

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