Conf/CfP - Rethinking Governance in an Era of Global Insecurities, Regional Tensions and Rising Nationalism, 17-19 July 2017, Australia

Publish Date: Jan 25, 2017

Deadline: Feb 20, 2017

About the conference

DATE: 17/07/2017 - 19/07/2017

TIME: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

LOCATION: Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria 3053


The  study  of  regional  governance  has  gained  momentum  in  recent  years.  The  European  Union,  often  regarded  as  the  preeminent  regional  body  is  perceived  as  not  only  being  in  crisis  but  on  the  verge  of  disintegration.  At  the  same  time,  regional  bodies  such  as  the  Association  of  Southeast  Asian  Nations  (ASEAN)  have  been  seeking  to  deepen  their  patterns  of  regional  cooperation,  though  also  experiencing  challenges  with  the  process  of  regional  integration.  Emerging  powers  in  the  global  context  and  shifting  power  dynamics  of  the  US  and  China  suggest  greater  complexity  in  tackling  global  challenges.  The  uncertainly  following  the  election  of  Donald  Trump as the next US President, the  shifting  power  dynamics  of  Russia  and  China,  and  rising  populism  all  point  to insecurities  at  the regional  and  national levels.

In the face of a strategic shift in the balance of power in international relations, might regional cooperation provide a means to manage global challenges? How might territorial disputes, nationalism, Brexit, a US ‘retreat’ and populism be tackled? These and other issues will be examined and rigorously debated. The conference is open to academics, policy makers and practitioners from across discipline areas and to interested members of the public.

Themes to be examined at the conference will include:

  1. Brexit and beyond
  2. The power of populism and nationalism
  3. Tackling global challenges: Regional solutions?
    1. Climate change
    2. Terrorism
    3. Poverty and development
    4. Refugee crisis
  4. Security, instability and conflict
  5. The EU-Australia relationship
  6. Global trade and contestation
  7. Economic crises and wealth disparities
  8. Drivers of integration and disintegration in regional bodies
  9. Assessing the EU Global Strategy
  10. Awkward states in regionalism

The EU Centre is now accepting panel proposals and papers. Submit by 20 February 2017 to Prof Philomena Murray, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam and EU Centre Research Director, Regional Governance.

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