Governance Research and Study Opportunities

Degree Programs on Governance for International Students

Governance is the system or the mechanism of making decisions and implementing them. Analysis of governance leads to such inevitable questions as: who makes these decisions and how are these decision-makers elected. Consequently, the next set of questions will be: who decides how to implement these decisions and who the implementers are.  This is, basically, a short description of what makes academic program on “governance” and what are the questions that students are required to analyze and answer.

Today “good governance” is a priority in international agenda, and significant development aid is allocated to establish effective governance systems in developing countries. International organizations, such as World Bank and United Nations, regard good governance as a concept. And this concept addresses public administration in the broader context of transparency, efficiency and accountability, as well as rule of law, political and economic progress, etc.

Undergraduate programs on governance offer an interdisciplinary curriculum, which includes politics, law, public policies and administration, globalization and development. The bachelor program pays a lot of attention to critical thinking and analysis, research and case studies. Master degree programs on governance are, certainly, more specialized and lead students to a concrete career path. Graduate programs offer in-depth knowledge on major and elective disciplines: collaborative governance, human rights and human security, development and global studies, peacebuilding and international relations.

PhD program on governance requires extensive individual research and academic coursework. This is an excellent chance not only to contribute to academic thinking and research, but also to advance within a community of recognized scholars.

Scholarships and Fellowships for Degree and Non-Degree Studies on Governance 

Many top universities of the world offer scholarships and fellowships for certificate and degree studies on governance. Outstanding students enjoy a big variety of funding opportunities. ARMACAD has collected one of the biggest databases on possible funding channels for international students, interested in undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs. The best way not to lose time and find a comprehensive list of learning and professional development opportunities is to explore ARMACAD.