Conf/CfP - 1917 – Revolution in War, Society in Revolution, 19 - 21 September 2017, Czech Republic

Publish Date: Jun 10, 2017

Deadline: Jul 10, 2017

1917 – Revolution in War, Society in Revolution. 4th conference from the series Hobnailed Years in the Battlefields 1914–1918

The drawn-out conflict, which without making any difference among the belligerent parties gradually dominated all the participating states and their inhabitants, succeeded in the meantime in disrupting and re-structuring of the social structures and institutions. In 1917, the degree of war exhaustion not only reached the limits of bearability, but in many cases went well beyond them. In desperate effort to defeat the war, people in hinterland as well as soldiers in the front line stepped en masse outside of the conventions for the first time, into the unpredictable and unknown realm of the revolution. That is what happened in Russia, where on one hand the double revolt took the country out of the world war, but at the cost of collaps and the following agony of a civil war. Not everywhere did the revolt against the war question the war itself and its goals; instead, it turned against the ways of its conduct, like in France, where the military mutinies almost destroyed the military readiness of her armies.

The revolutionary year 1917 brought the USA into the battle, and took Russia out of it. Italy nearly left the camp of the Entente in autumn, shattered by the debacle at Caporetto. The military-technical innovations hand in hand with new combat methods were supposed to cause turnaround in the front lines and the struggle for “hearts and minds” of the population of belligerent countries acquired new dimensions as well. This struggle hit the most vulnerable spot attacking the will, determination, loyalty.

The fourth conference in the cycle will again aspire to create a broad thematic spectre and multifarious composition of contributions in order to attempt a sketch of another year of war.

Composing the programme of the conference, we will prioritise contributions dedicated to the following subject matters:

- diplomacy
- coalition warfare
- peace initiatives
- strategy
- war aims
- conduct of war
- combat tactics
- military operations
- organization and replacement of troops
- prisoners of war
- war losses
- war crimes
- military health services
- internal politics
- life behind the lines
- civil associations and organizations
- public opinion
- resistance movements
- state administration and self-government
- economy
- social care
- propaganda
- art
- science and technology

This conference will also provide the opportunity to introduce research and documentation projects concerning the First World War (e.g. digitisation of sources and literature, creation of databases and other applica- tions).

Please send all synopses of papers together with a short CV of the author to the following email address: by 10 July 2017.

The Military History Institute Prague reserves the right to modify the programme of the conference depending on the number and structure of entered papers. The presented contributions will be published in a separate publication.

The languages used during the conference are Czech, English and German.


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