Bordeaux Montaigne University Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2017, France

Publish Date: May 29, 2017

Deadline: Jun 16, 2017

Postdoctoral research fellow (Egypt), 36 months

PATRIMONIVM ERC-StG n° 716375 “Geography and Economy of the

Imperial ProperMes in the Roman World (from Augustus to DiocleMan)”

The project PATRIMONIVM, funded by the ERC for the period 2017-2022 and hosted by the Bordeaux Montaigne University, aims at realizing the first global study of the economic, social and poli6cal role of the proper6es of Roman emperors from Augustus to Diocle6an. Interest in the topic has re-emerged recently, but many ques6ons about the acquisi6on and use of the proper6es remain unanswered, par6cularly because no systema6c survey of all available documenta6on has been produced since the beginning of the 20th century. The project aims at filling this gap crea6ng the Atlas patrimonii Caesaris, a powerful online rela6onal database of all published sources (literary, epigraphic and papyrological); every record will contain geodata and will be related to separate databases of all known persons (slaves, freedmen, administrators, imperial coloni etc.), regions and bibliographic references. Texts will be encoded in EpiDoc/TEI while other XML standard, such as SNAP for prosopographical data, will be implemented in order to achieve a high degree of interoperability. A mul6disciplinary and compara6ve study, developed through the project’s rich scien6fic ac6vity (workshops, conferences), will allow to understand the role of the proper6es as a structuring factor of Roman economy and as a vector of human mobility, economic integra6on and sociocultural transforma6on. The Ausonius Ins6tute is a vibrant and interna6onal research centre that par6cipates to “LaScArBx”, the cluster of excellence federa6ng all researchers in classics, ancient history and archaeology working in Bordeaux (University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Montaigne University, CNRS). LaScArBx has recently been ranked as the top ins6tu6on in France (16th worldwide) in this research field by QS World University Ranking by subject.

Role description

You will work closely with the Principal Inves6gator, Dr Dalla Rosa, and will be responsible of collec6ng, transla6ng and contextualizing the sources concerning the Roman imperial proper6es for Egypt. Given the nature of the extant documenta6on, you will principally work on papyrological material. You will be assisted by a student intern in order to speed up the process of entering the sources in the Atlas patrimonii Caesari (APC)s; however, you will be the sole responsible for the historical contextualiza6on of the sources in rela6on to the private and/or public landownership and to the main economic ac6vi6es of the region in order to assess the origin and the economic value of the proper6es. You will also contribute to studying the economic role of imperial slaves and freedmen in the region. You are expected to ac6vely take part to the scien6fic ac6vi6es of the project (workshops, conferences) and meet regularly with the PI and the rest of the team. Besides the work on the sources, you are invited to author the chapter about Egypt in the final volume about the history of the imperial proper6es in the Roman world. You will be able to acquire or greatly improve your exper6se in TEI, SNAP and the other XML standards implemented in the APC thanks to par6cular training courses. You will dispose of a personal budget in order to par6cipate to scien6fic events at interna6onal level (alone or with other team members) and to carry on research on the field. The Principal Inves6gator will ensure your full integra6on within the Ausonius Ins6tute’s team of researchers and engineers and will be available for providing orienta6on for the further development of your professional career. There is no obliga6on of residence in Bordeaux as long as you can agend to the required mee6ngs and conduct your work on schedule. English will be the working language of the research team.


• Collec6ng all the sources relevant to the study of the imperial proper6es in Egypt following the project’s guidelines

• Transla6ng the sources into English (if no transla6on is available)

• Entering the sources in the digital Atlas Patrimonii Caesaris

• Placing the sources in their regional context with regard to what we know about the pagerns of local landownership and economic ac6vi6es

• Agending to the periodic mee6ngs of the research team and regularly report on work advancement

• Agending and contribu6ng to the scien6fic ac6vi6es and the publica6ons of the project

• Contribu6ng to the outreach of PATRIMONIVM at interna6onal level

You’ll Need to Have

• A PhD in classics or ancient history (Roman world)

• Experience in working with papyrological sources

• A sufficient track record to prove your scien6fic maturity and independence

We’d Love to See

• Research interests in one of these broad areas: Roman economy, Roman provincial society (local/ senatorial elites, slaves, freedmen), Roman ins6tu6ons

• Scien6fic maturity and work autonomy

• Interest for the digital humani6es

• Willingness to work on a highly interna6onal and interdisciplinary ERC project and in a coordinated research team


A good knowledge of English (wrigen and spoken) is required.


Informal enquiries and applica6ons (CV + Mo6va6on leger) per e-mail to Dr. Alberto Dalla Rosa (

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