Conf/CfP - 4th European Conference on Banking and the Economy, October 12, UK

Publish Date: Jul 06, 2016

Deadline: Jul 12, 2016

About the University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is in the top 1% of universities worldwide. We are a global centre for excellence in research and education.
We are a research-intensive university and a founding member of the Russell Group. We have gained prestigious recognition for our successes and history of world-changing achievements.
We are famous for being both research driven, and down-to-earth with the needs of business and society. We now have well over 20,000 full time students, and we are proud to see that they are continuing our traditions of innovation through dedication and hard work.
Together (across all disciplines) we believe we can go on to change the world for the better – one step at a time.

Submission Guidelines

Please either deliver a two-page extended abstract consisting of:

  • Brief abstract
  • Outline/structure of the paper
  • Methodology
  • Main findings/conclusions
  • Key papers cited

Or the full paper (in a format similar to that published in peer-reviewed academic journals) to


Papers are welcome on theoretical and empirical topics, examining all aspects of recent developments in macroeconomics, finance, banking, financial economics, accounting, legal aspects of finance, and the linkage between banking and the economy.

After the conference, delegates will be invited to submit their papers presented at ECOBATE2016 for consideration to the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, subject edited by Professor Richard A. Werner, Director of the Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development.


  • Negative interest rates and their implications for financial stability and growth
  • Cash as medium of exchange/Cashless credit-only economies
  • Post-crisis financial reform and monetary policies
  • International banking and capital flows and their implications
  • Macroprudential regulation and implications for monetary policy and country risk
  • Fiscal policy
  • Ethics in financial services
  • Sustainability and finance
  • Financial and banking crises – causes, warning signs and remedies
  • The regulation of financial services
  • Interest rates and economic growth
  • Flow of funds and accounting approaches to analyzing financial and real sectors
  • Local banking, relationship banking, SME banking, community banks vs. big banks
  • Monetary reform and full reserve banking
  • Weak loan growth – causes and consequences
  • Insurance vs. banking; deposit insurance and insurance guarantee funds.

Keynote speakers 

Sir Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills
Professor David T. Llewellyn, Professor of Banking, Loughborough University
Professor Yanis Varoufakis, Professor of Economic Theory, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Athens, Greece; former Minister of Finance, Greece
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, former Minister of the Economy, Defense, Germany


The Guildhall is a landmark building in the historic city centre of this ancient cathedral city and former capital of England.

Guildhall is close to the Cathedral, to shopping facilities and city amenities, including sightseeing spots such as King Alfred’s statue, Winchester College, Wolsey Castle, the City Museum, the City Mill and St. Giles’ Hill. Only a brief stroll up the High Street from the Guildhall, visitors will see the West Gate, one of the two remaining of the former five city gates. It has a viewing platform on top and a museum inside. Next to it is the site of the former royal castle, whose Great Hall has survived and features King Arthur’s Round Table. Winchester Cathedral is the burial site of many Saxon Kings and Bishops, as well as Jane Austen. Its library exhibits the Winchester Bible. As the former capital of Wessex and England, Winchester was the site of the Treasury as well as the Mint. Winchester maintains long-standing connections to the University of Southampton, whose School of Art is located here.

The Tourist Office is located inside the Guildhall, on the ground floor, and guided tours depart from there.

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