Six Postdoc Fellowships 2021-2022 in Global History and Governance, Scuola Superiore Meridionale in Naples, Italy

Publish Date: Jul 11, 2021

Deadline: Aug 31, 2021


The PhD in Global History and Governance is an advanced course of study and research at the end of which the student defends a dissertation based on original and independent scientific work. The course offers an educational programme based on a multi-disciplinary approach centred on history and law and open to contributions from other disciplines.

The programme focuses on the comparisons, connections and processes of globalization that have characterized different areas of the planet since the first era of global imperialism and does so by concentrating on the relational dimension of historical processes, legal regimes and the organization of power; on the interconnections between economic, political, legal, cultural and social factors; and on circulation, exchange and interconnection of ideas, persons, institutions, legal cultures, political models, concepts, rights and goods on a global scale.

The areas and themes on which the members of the scientific board can offer international level training and research preparation are: History and historiography; European empires of the modern and contemporary age; States, wars and violence in the 19th and 20th centuries; History of slavery and forced labour; The legal heritage of Europe and its integration; Religions and the sacred in the modern and contemporary world; Ideas and practices of citizenship; States, nations, languages, peoples, classes; Comparative law in the historical flux; European and International institutions; Global technical standards, indicators, finance and trade; Public and private powers as actors of global governance; General principles and methods of dispute resolution in the global arena.

The Ph.D. programme in Global History and Governance is aimed at students who are highly motivated, have a solid personal background, diverse language skills and are eager to deal with multi and interdisciplinary approaches.

Admission to the PhD course is by means of a competition based on qualifications, research project and interview. Those who have a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification can apply. A Selection Committee evaluates the university career and the candidate’s research project. Shortlisted candidates are invited to an interview

Host Institution: Scuola Superiore Meridionale at the University of Naples Federico II, Napoli (Italy)


Scholarship amount: € 35,000 per year (in Italy scholarships are almost tax exempted).

Extra research funds up to € 3,500 per year

Starting date: November 2021

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