Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ (SAMK) Scholarship Programme 2021, Finland

Publish Date: Jul 11, 2021

Deadline: Nov 15, 2021

Scholarship programme from Spring 2021 onwards

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ (SAMK) scholarship programme is available for the nationals of non-EU and non-EEA countries studying for a degree in the degree programmes taught in English at SAMK (excluding double degree students).

1. Early Bird Discount for Bachelor level students in 2021

The Early Bird scholarship is a discount of 1,500 € on the tuition fee of the first study year at SAMK.

All the new students who have been selected and who have accepted the study place and paid the tuition fee at the latest on 9th of April, 2021 (September 2021 intake) are rewarded an early bird discount of 1,500 €. The discount will be given from the first year payment. Detailed instructions on how to pay the tuition fee will be sent along with the acceptance letter. This offer is valid only for the first year of studies.

Early Bird Discount in 2021 is available only for January 2021 application period, and doesn’t include Bachelor’s Degree Programmes of Physiotherapy, Logistics and Industrial Management or Master’s Degree Programmes. Please note that an early bird has to pay the tuition fee in one installment. The applicant will receive the instructions from SAMK Admissions Office.

2. Success in Studies Scholarship for Bachelor and Master level students

During the studies students can apply for a scholarship after each study year and get 50 % of the paid fee back by progressing well in studies.

A student can get a scholarship if he/she:

  • completes 60 ECTS credits during the academic year, and
  • the weighted average of the studies during the academic year is at least 3.5., and
  • the student’s achievements have to be among the best fifth compared to other students in the degree programme that same year, liable or non-liable to pay a tuition fee.

3. Finnish Language Skills Scholarship for Bachelor and Master level students

SAMK grants scholarships based on Finnish language skills. Scholarships are awarded for students who gain at least the basic skills (level A2) of the Finnish language during their degree studies at SAMK. The aim of the scholarship is to support future employment of international degree students in Finland by encouraging the students to gain an intermediate level of Finnish language during their studies.

If a student qualifies for the scholarship based on success in studies, they can also apply for scholarship based on the Finnish language studies.

The Finnish language skills are evaluated by National language proficiency tests (YKI 3, level B1) or by a written certificate of the exam results by SAMK Finnish language teacher (level A2: completed Finnish studies (10 ECTS credits) at SAMK with a minimum grade 4, or Recognition of prior learning (RPL).

  1. Scholarship: Basic User of Finnish language (CERF level A2): 1,500 €
  • Paid once, after the first academic year at the earliest
  • Bachelor´s degree students have the opportunity to gain level A2 by taking part in Finnish language studies offered by SAMK and by studying independently.
  1. Scholarship: Independent User of Finnish language (CERF level B1): 3,000 €
  • Paid once, after the first academic year at the earliest. If the student is awarded with Scholarship 1, he/she can be awarded with Scholarship 2 after the second academic year, at the earliest.
  • The language level assessment is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment (on

4. The Student Ambassador Scholarship for bachelor level students 

The Student Ambassador Scholarship is available for the nationals of non-EU and non-EEA countries studying at SAMK in bachelor’s degree programmes taught in English. 

The Student Ambassador Scholarship Programme has been created for students who have an interest in becoming involved in international activities in SAMK during their studies. The Student Ambassador Scholarship offers successful students an annual award of 200–500€. The Student Ambassador Scholarship can be granted more than once.

Full tuition fee granted student is responsible to participate in SAMK Student Ambassador Programme.

5. Full Tuition Fee Scholarship for Bachelor level students

A Full Tuition Fee Scholarship for new students will be awarded on the basis of the overall assessment of the previous studies in cooperation with a few selected education agents or upper secondary institutions. An individual applicant cannot apply for the scholarship directly from SAMK.

Overall assessment means the previous success in studies, possible letters of motivation and capacity to act as the Student Ambassador at SAMK.

The duration of the scholarship is 3–4 years if the student is required to study full time (to earn at least 60 ECTS credits per year) to fulfil the requirements of the scholarship. After each study year, the progress of the student’s studies will be checked and, depending on the student’s progress, the scholarship will be continued. The Full Tuition Fee Scholarship covers the costs of tuition. The Scholarship does not cover the living costs, such as accommodation, meals and transportation. All students are required to finance their living costs by themselves. The number of annual new awardees is a maximum of ten (10). Other SAMK scholarships are not available for students who have been granted a Full Tuition Fee Scholarship. Full tuition fee granted student is responsible to participate in SAMK Student Ambassador Programme.

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