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March 07, 2021


The good, the bad and the ugly: Examining the role of personality and self-control in effective political working


This project provides you with the opportunity to:

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  • develop broad skills through professional engagement and teaching experience.

Loughborough University is a top-ten rated university in England for research intensity (REF, 2014) and an outstanding 66% of the work of Loughborough’s academic staff who were eligible to be submitted to the REF was judged as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’, compared to a national average figure of 43%.

In choosing Loughborough for your research, you’ll work alongside academics who are leaders in their field. You will benefit from comprehensive support and guidance from our Doctoral College, including tailored careers advice, to help you succeed in your research and future career. 




The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for leaders in politics, business and the public sector to understand one another and work together effectively. Central to this ability is an understanding of what political work entails, and the individual characteristics (personality, skill) required to collaborate and achieve goals. Despite its importance psychologists and management scientists have largely ignored political work, and this project will address this gap by drawing on theoretical advances in self-control research (Lian et al., 2017, AMA) to investigate the nature of effective political work and how it can be delivered. Self-control helps people to resist short-term temptations and impulses in the pursuit of goal-progress, and is linked to many beneficial outcomes. However, research has not investigated the importance of self-control in political work; where a need for individuals to negotiate consensus, broker alliances and maintain secrecy can be of utmost importance in achieving agreement on complex issues. This project will enhance our understanding of the capacities required for effective political work by using methods such as experience sampling surveys, multi-source studies and mixed method designs.

We are looking for someone with an excellent MSc in (Work) Psychology or similar, very good quantitative methods skills, and interest in an academic career. This project will enable you to develop your own strand of research and is expected to result in jointly authored journal articles.

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