Two-Year Master Awards in Mathematics for International Students 2020, France


March 02, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - Two-Year Master Awards in Mathematics for International Students 2020, France


The Mathematics Foundation Jacques Hadamard (FMJH) is offering scholarships for a period of one or two year(s) for French and foreign students. The institutions members of the FMJH are supporting the Master «Mathematics and applications». The Sophie Germain Scholarships are intended for students who want to enrol in one of the programs (apart from the  track «Formation à l’Enseignement Supérieur en Mathématiques») of this master.
A jury selects the laureates applying the criteria defined by the Scientific Council of the FMJH, the main selection criterion being excellence. Since this program aims to encourage young talents to orientate themselves towards research in mathematics, applicants are asked to give careful attention to the writing of their motivation letter in their file.

Two calls per year

Each academic year, two calls are successively launched for the upcoming year:

  1. The first call is from September to February and concerns generally overseas students (outside of Europe) for whom it is necessary to engage in applying for visa.
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  2. The second call is from February to May and concerns more generally EU citizens (Espace Schengen) and the overseas students who already have a residence permit in France valid for the whole academic year.

All applications will be considered

The above priorities are only recommendations. Every application will be evaluated impartially, regardless of the geographic origin of the applicant.

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