Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Residential Fellowship Program 2020-2021 - Nature of Trust, USA


September 16, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Residential Fellowship Program 2020-2021 - Nature of Trust, USA

***New for 2020-2021: Call for Applications on the Nature of Trust***

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS) is dedicated to fostering and supporting integrative scholarship addressing ultimate questions at the intersection of the arts, engineering, the humanities, law, and the formal, natural, and social sciences, especially those that transcend disciplinary boundaries. The NDIAS encourages scholars to include questions of values in their analyses, to integrate diverse disciplines, and to ask how their findings advance civilization. The Institute offers its fellows the opportunity to engage not only in analysis but also in evaluating what should be done, to analyze the world in substantive and collaborative ways, and to think through the implications of present behavior for the future of the world.

In response to new and emerging opportunities, the NDIAS has added a thematic option to its call for fellowship applications for academic year 2020-2021. The NDIAS is particularly interested in fostering interdisciplinary study of the nature of trust, with a broad range of perspectives, topics, and methods. Fellowship applications are encouraged from all eligible scholars and scientists whose work engages the theme and who are interested in advancing their project through interdisciplinary reflection, discussion, and collaboration at the NDIAS. Potential research proposal topics on the trust theme may address, but are not limited to:

  • the social, technological, biological, economic, and psychological dimensions to how trust may be manifested;
  • the moral and rational demands we have when it comes to belief, evidence, intellectual humility, and social forms of knowledge;
  • concepts of trust related to public information, discourse, speech, and the media, in historical as well as modern contexts;
  • trust as a component in transactions and finance;
  • evolutionary modeling of trust and interdependence;
  • institutional features that promote or inhibit trust (both contemporary and historical);
  • the role of design thinking, network theory, and data science in promoting or inhibiting trust;
  • the role of trust in theological inquiry and in religious traditions; and
  • creative research and research in the arts that explore trust, doubt, and related virtues.

Applicants for the Trust theme should briefly describe the dimension of trust/connection with the theme in their research statement.

Note: Applications from scholars working on projects outside this theme are also still encouraged.

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