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August 06, 2018

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Quaterly, TU Dortmund University offers graduation scholarships to international students from the DAAD project STIBET I. The graduation scholarship is meant to support international students finishing their studies who are in financial hardships by no fault of their own.


Graduation scholarships can only be provided to international students and doctoral candidates who achieved good academic performance, have registered their thesis and are in financial crisis.

To apply, please submit the following documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Confirmation of registration for your final paper (page 9 of the application; to be filled out by the Examinations Office) (Prüfungsamt)
  • Current certificate of enrollment
  • Current overview of your grades
  • Copy of your residency permit
  • Bank statements for the last three months (June to August 2018)
  • Proof of a blocked account, legal obligation to pay, scholarship or earnings
  • If applicable, credit card statements for the last three months
  • If applicable, bank statements from your spouse
  • If applicable, a copy of your current work contract


Deadline: 6 August 2018

General Information

The International Office at TU Dortmund University accepts applications for this scholarship program several times a year. These scholarships are in place to help PhD, bachelor and maters students who are nearly finished with their degrees. The financial support is intended for students who are in the midst of or about to begin writing their final thesis.

Who is eligible to apply for a course of study completion scholarship?

Those who wish to apply for a course of study completion scholarship need to meet the following criteria:

 Student Statues: enrolled and registered at TU Dortmund University, as a bachelor, master or PhD student

 Immigrant statues: applications must have completed their university qualifications in a foreign country

 Good academic standing: it is expected that applicants will complete their degree with the foreseeable future (one-year after scholarship) and their thesis should be officially registered no later than the application deadline date.

 Social situation: applicants should genuinely need financial support Please note: Double-funding is prohibited, i.e. multiple financing for the same purpose is forbidden.

What forms and/or documents are needed for my application?

In order to be eligible for a course of study completion scholarship you are required to submit the below listed forms/documents within the given application period:

 Completed application form

 Official confirmation of thesis registration (this form is included in application and should be filled out by the examination office)

 Current enrollment certificate from TU Dortmund University

 Recent summary of grades

 Resume/CV

When is the application deadline?

Normally, we accept and process applications four times a year. During these periods you are able to apply, for more information about the current statues, please contact the International Office or check online.

 What criteria are used to decide who receives a scholarship? What is the application procedure? The fundamental criteria for this scholarship program is first and foremost the student’s academic performance. If you apply within with in the appropriate application period (current application information can be found online) we will review if the applicant criteria have been met and all the necessary materials have been included. As soon as your application has been thoroughly reviewed one of two things will follow:

a) You will be invited for an interview (please read question 6 for more information).

b) Your scholarship request will be declined.

Are there any special criteria I should be aware of for my interview?

An interview is a mandatory portion of the application process. The scholarship committee is composed of staff members from the International Office, a TU Dortmund University professor and one representative from ASTA, the student association. During the interview you will have about five minutes to explain your academic and financial situation. After hearing your statement the committee will then have the opportunity to ask you questions. The committee will receive your application in advance and will base their questions on your given statement as well as your application materials. Important: In order for the scholarship committee to get a true understanding of your financial situation we ask that you, please bring bank statements from the last three months. In the case you have more than one account you should be able to show bank statements for all of them.

How much financial support do grantees receive?

The scholarship sum is set by the DAAD. Grantees receive a minimum of 250 Euros a month. The duration of scholarship funding can range from one to three months. A scholarship extension is generally possible; however applicants are required to reapply.


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