Research Program 2018 - 2019, University of Udine, Italy


July 20, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Research Program 2018 - 2019, University of Udine, Italy

 Ph.D. Call

Application Forms:

Research project (Use the project form related to your PhD course) 

  1.  Food and human health 
  2. Agricultural sciences and biotechnology 
  3. Computer science, mathematics and physics 
  4. Industrial and information engineering 
  5. Environmental and energy engineering sciences 
  6. Managerial and actuarial sciences 
  7. Legal sciences 
  8. Language and literature studies 
  9. Art history, Film studies, Media studies and Music  
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Request of disability AIDS 
  • Request support for DSA disorder
  • Request for oral exam via Skype conference 
  • Statement with a selection of 3 research programs (only for Agricultural Science and Biotechnology) 
  • Self-certification 


In this section will be published  the dates of the preliminary meeting of the Selection Committee, the exams, the lists of those admitted to the exams (written/oral) and the final rankings of the admitted for the Ph.D. courses.  

Ph.D. in Food and human health

Ph.D. in Biomedical sciences and biotechnology

Ph.D. in Agricultural sciences and biotechnology

Ph.D. in Computer science, mathematics and physics

Ph.D. in Industrial and information engineering

Ph.D in Environmental and energy engineering science

Ph.D. in Managerial and actuarial sciences

Ph.D. in Legal sciences

Ph.D. in Language and literature studies

Ph.D. in Art history, Film studies, Media studies and Music

Academic Tuition


The maximum amount of taxes and contributions for admission and attendance of Ph.D. courses is fixed annually by the academic bodies.

Exemptions and reductions of the taxes and contributions are defined in compliance with current regulations.

The amounts of taxes and contributions due are available on Esse3 personal page for the Ph.D. student enrolled (Esse3).

For academic year 2017/2018 the maximum total amount of taxes and contributions is € 276.00, composed as follows:
- University contribution € 100.00;
- Regional Tax for the right to university study from € 120 to € 160   depending on  the family economic condition;
- stamp duty, € 16,00. 

 Payment deadline:
- 1st   installment  by December 31st *
- 2nd  installment by March 31st  **

 * Except for the  Ph.D. students enrolled in the 1st   year, who have already paid the first installment at the moment of the enrollment.

** For reductions the ISEE Certification must be presented by the 15th  of February at Area Servizi per la Ricerca – Ufficio Formazione per la Ricerca (Ph.D. Office).

Ph.D. Scholarships


The positions available in the Ph.D. competition may or may not have a scholarship. The scholarship is recognized only for the position that have been given a scholarship in the Ph.D. competition. The ranking order defines the Ph.D. students awarded with a scholarship or without it (as specified in the Ph.D. Notice), in accordance with the criteria listed in the Ph.D. Notice.

The Ph.D scholarships have an annual duration and are renewed from year to year for a maximum of three years, only if the Ph. D. student has been positively evaluated by the Teaching Board for admissions to the following Academic Year.

The annual amount of the scholarship is specified in the Ph.D. Notice not less than as defined in the DM n. 40 of the 25th January 2018 "Increasing amount of Ph.D. scholarships" and equal to € 15.343,28 gross of social security contributions  (INPS) to be paid by the Ph.D. student.

The University of Udine guarantees that the scholarship will be increased up to 50% for research and study periods spent abroad, within the limits set for each Ph. D. program in accordance with the Ph.D. Notice and the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. Programs.

The Ph.D. Scholarship is paid on a monthly basis in the following month, except for the December month.

It is not paid during periods of suspension of the Ph.D. course.

The Ph.D. scholarship cannot be cumulated with research grants or other types of scholarships, except for those awarded by national or foreign institutions to integrate research and studies abroad.

The Ph.D. scholarship cannot be granted to those who have already received a scholarship for attending another Ph.D. program or equivalent course.

In case of suspension of the course (maternity, parental leave and sickness) and if in possession of the requirements needed, the Ph.D. student may ask for an INPS allowance.  

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