Call for Projects from Doctoral Students and Research Scientists 2018, France


June 30, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Call for Projects from Doctoral Students and Research Scientists 2018, France

Call for Projects from Doctoral Students and Research Scientists 

Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains is calling for applications from doctoral students and scientific researchers who would like to develop a project related to their research activity, while immersing themselves in an artistic environment. This call is in line with the initiatives undertaken over the past ten years by Le Fresnoy to bring artists and scientists closer together (technological support by research laboratories for art students' projects; setting up of mixed art / science research and creation group; exhibition at Palais de Tokyo and symposium at Collège de France on the theme "The dream of forms"). It is expected a project of a scientific nature, or whose issues concern science. The candidate will participate in the curriculum proposed to student artists and will benefit for his project from the same means of production as the latter.

Context and Issues

Scientific research, while expressed primarily in publications, is in some cases supplemented by achievements which, beyond being simple illustrations or derived products, participate entirely in the research activity: Examples include the construction of a machine or experimental device for an experiment or empirical study, the invention of a new technique, the experimental demonstration of new properties of matter, or the use of audiovisual means for proof, recording and demonstration purposes. The history of science provides an illustration of their great variety: chronophotography, the study of fluid mechanics, the discovery of Kevlar, holography or X-rays, ethnographic films made by visual anthropology, films on ethology (the study of human and animal behaviour), psychology or psychiatry (the study of autism), the empirical study of dune formation, mathematical models in the form of sculptures with didactic virtues, animal robots with evocative power created by the first cyberneticians, visual modeling of massive data and their manipulation, sonification of the genome to discover genes, observation notebooks in botany or drawings pioneering the invention of a standard for the visual representation of proteins, ecological or economic simulation environments...

Scientific inventions often have to implement technical solutions that do not exist or do not conform to industry standards. They are the manifestation of a technical ingenuity that is quite close to artistic and audiovisual operating modes. The spectacular evolution of image and sound production technologies (computer graphics, speech synthesis, augmented reality, etc.) can be used in scientific research and approaches. Moreover, it often happens that dialogue with artists opens perspectives to scientists which they had not considered, being focused primarily on their research objectives. The aim of this call is thus to propose a shift in these practices, which are motivated above all by scientific issues, within an artistic and audiovisual milieu. This new environment allows the candidate to explore the aesthetic dimensions of his work in contact with young artists and to experience its reception by a nonscientific audience.


PROFILE The call is addressed to PhD students in science and to scientific researchers in activity in a laboratory, without any restrictions concerning the disciplinary field (physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology, archaeology, medicine, geology, psychology, sociology, human and animal ethology, mathematics, astrophysics, etc.). Applicants must be under 35 years of age, be able to demonstrate scientific research practice (affiliation to a research laboratory, academic publications) and be free from their professional activities during their stay or be able to move this activity so that it can take place within the framework offered by Le Fresnoy.

The nominee will benefit from an 8400€ grant exclusively reserved for the implementation of his project (travel expenses, technical or artistic collaborators' remuneration, etc.) to which are added the free access to all the production and post-production equipment of Le Fresnoy, and professional production support. 

Selection and Application

The selection is made on the basis of a dossier by a jury composed half of scientific researchers, half of the direction and the team of Le Fresnoy.

The application file must include all the following documents: 

  • a description of the project of maximum 3 pages specifying the desired work period
  • a visual documentation of previous research work
  • a Curriculum Vitae
  • a letter of interest

Applications, as well as any request for information, should be sent by e-mail to the following address: For any request of information: Olivier Perriquet, in charge of research:

Time Schedule

  • July 6, 2018 - Jury and communication of results
  • October 2018 - June 2019 program and work calendar during the academic year (to be specified by the applicant)

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