PhD in Economics and Statistics at the University of Milan-Bicocca (UniMiB) 2018, Italy


June 07, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - PhD in Economics and Statistics at the University of Milan-Bicocca (UniMiB) 2018, Italy

PhD in Economics and Statistics at the University of Milan-Bicocca (UniMiB)

The new PhD in Economics and Statistics (ECOSTAT) has been created to provide the most effective response to the important challenges which doctoral programs in the areas of economics and statistics, both in Italy and Europe, have to cope with nowadays, namely: i) high qualification of the faculty, in terms of teaching abilities and publication records; ii) capability of attracting high-quality students; iii) interdisciplinarity; iv) internationalization; v) relations with the non-academic job market; vi) placement of students who have successfully discussed their dissertations.

ECOSTAT builds upon the successful experiences of the PhD in Economics DEFAP-Bicocca and the PhD in Statistics and Mathematical Finance, both active at the University of Milan-Bicocca (UniMiB) until the current academic year.

ECOSTAT carries over the fruitful collaboration among economists and statisticians from the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics (DEMS) and the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods of UniMiB, which has started twenty years ago within the BSc in Statistics and Economics, as well as the MSc in Statistics and Economics and is going on with the more recent MSc in Data Science.


ECOSTAT takes care of the optimal placement of its students by dedicating a unit of administrative personnel to the following specific activities: i) provide students with detailed information on the job market, domestic and international, academic and non-academic; ii) advise and assist students wishing to apply for academic positions abroad.

Thesis discussion

Based on the reports of the external reviewers, students are admitted to the discussion in front of the Evaluation Committee either with minor or major revisions. Students who have successfully defended their dissertation are awarded by the Evaluation Committee the title of “PhD in Economics and Statistics”. Students can request to (and obtain from) the Administrative Offices of UniMiB an official document reporting the specific curriculum they have been enrolled in.


Anyone who is in possession of the following educational qualifications may apply, without any citizenship restrictions:

  • post-graduate (second cycle) degree;
  • degree obtained under the laws in force prior to Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999 (old system degree);
  • master degree issued by institutions that are part of the AFAM (advanced artistic and musical education) sector;
  • foreign degree, as long as it is equivalent in length of studies, level and subject area to the Italian degree required for admission to the course. The suitability of foreign qualifications is evaluated by the board of examiners. In case the Degree is evaluated noneligible, the applicant will be excluded from the competition.
  • Students who have not yet obtained their degree may apply for admission, provided they earn their degree by 31 October 2018 accepted students who fail to meet this requirement will lose their right to admission. Candidates who have not yet earned their degree are required to communicate the date and grade of the degree earned, by e-mail to the Doctoral School Sector at the address, and to send a statement in lieu of certification, if they are Italian or EU citizens, not later than 1 November 2018.

Those who are already enrolled in the same doctoral course at this University cannot apply.  


To participate in the admission test, all applicants must submit their application online, directly from the website of the University of Milano-Bicocca, by accessing the Online Registrar’s Office (;jsessionid=881F58B50C64FAC90B98DF96B0317E07.S3W3A?cod_lingu a=eng ) not later than the deadline of 7 June 2018 at 12 noon (Italian time). No paper documents will have to be delivered to the offices.

Note: Registration to the admission tests will stop automatically at 12:00 noon on 7 June 2018; therefore, candidates are recommended to start the process well in advance in order to have it completed by the deadline.

The application has to to be drawn up as a self-certification, for all legal purposes, pursuant to the art. 46 and 47 of DPR 445/2000 and further amendments. The documents attached to the application (assessable qualifications) have to be drawn up as self-certifications or statements in lieu of affidavit as required by law. To this end, candidates may use the models of self-certification and of statement in lieu of affidavit available on the website at Note: Pursuant to Article 40 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, as amended by art. 15 of Law no. 183/2011, qualifications issued by the public administration must also be confirmed through self-certification. 

The statement made by the candidate, which for all purposes substitutes the certification, must contain all the elements needed to assess the qualification to be submitted and their truthfulness. Omission of even one element shall result in the non-evaluation of the self-certified qualification. Self-certifications are only valid if signed with autograph signature. It is not necessary to show the self-certifications of qualifications obtained or to be acquired in the University of Milano-Bicocca, the acquisition of which will be carried out officially.

Note: the information included in the curriculum vitae will not be assessed by the board of examiners. 

The application procedure consists of two phases

  1. Registration with the University website, at the end of which students are assigned a user name and a password; if you already have the access credentials for the private area (for example if you are a student or a former student of Milano-Bicocca University), you can skip this step. These credentials will be needed later for registration, if you are admitted to the PhD course.
  2. Filling out the application for admission: by using their personal credentials, applicants must login and select "Admissions." 

During the registration process, applicants are required to enter the details of their identity document and to upload the ID document and an ID photo in digital format with a resolution of at least 300x400 pixels. The following documents must also be uploaded (applicants are recommended to prepare the documentation in PDF files not larger than 12MB before registering for the tests):

  • Signed curriculum vitae et studiorum, preferably in Europass format:;
  • Publications in extenso/conference papers (accompanied by a statement of conformity to the original one);
  • Certification of post-degree masters, training courses, advanced courses, specialization schools, any other second degrees;
  • Certification of joint research and analysis;
  • Certification of training periods and/or research period abroad
  • Self-certification of the exams taken and marks (only for students who have not obtained their degree yet);
  • Research project, where required (see course description sheets). 

Note: The research project discussed during the interview is not binding when assigning the actual dissertation topic to the successful candidates.

Candidates with a foreign degree must also upload the following documents:

  1. opy of the qualification required for admission;  
  2. transcript of records 
  3. translation of the documents (at point 1 and 2) in Italian or English, if issued in a different language.
  4. any other documents held by the candidate that are deemed useful to assess the qualification eligibility for the selected course (e.g. Diploma Supplement, Statement of local validity, certificate CIMEA); 

Until expiration of the call, candidates will be able to change, add or remove the submitted documents, including after completion of the online application. For courses that require submitting reference letters (see information sheets), candidates will have to provide the e-mail address and telephone of the reference teacher/expert when filling out the online application; the reference teacher/expert will receive an e-mail notification containing instructions on how to upload the reference letter, strictly by 8 June 2018. The candidate, in turn, will be notified when the letter has been uploaded; the letter, however, may only be viewed by the Selection Commission. Candidates must have earned the submitted qualifications within the deadline of the call. Statements, qualifications, publications or requests to modify those already filed, received after expiration of the call for applications, will not be taken into consideration.

After completing this procedure, applicants must click the button PAYMENTS and print the electronic payment form (MAV) of € 10.00 as fee to cover expenses, which can be paid at any branch of any banks. The payment must be made within 8 June 2018, failing which the candidate will not be admitted to the tests. Only payments made within such unconditional deadline shall be considered valid; accordingly, any complaint for failure to make the payment or late payment, including if due to reasons not attributable to the candidate, shall not be accepted. For payments close to the due date it is advisable to make the payment through Banca Popolare di Sondrio, which is cashier entity of this university. For online payments, applicants must check with their bank the actual time of execution of the payment order. In the event the payment is registered on a date after expiration, such payment will not be considered valid. A payment must be made for each application submitted. The payment receipt should be carefully kept by the applicant. The University Administration reserves the right to request it as proof of payment. The aforesaid fee will not be reimbursed.

Payments from abroad must be made by credit card or PayPal by accessing the website: Citizens from Non-EU countries, who are not resident in Italy, are exempt from the €10.00 fee for participation in the competitive examination. Once the University of Milano-Bicocca has received the payment (generally 3/5 working days after payment), candidates will be able to view and print, through the On-line Registrar’s service, the registration receipt. The receipt must be signed and delivered to the Selection Commission the first examination day. Pursuant to Article 75 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, if, on the basis of appropriate checks, the Administration finds out that the information provided by the candidate in his/her statement is false, the declarant shall forfeit any benefits obtained through a decision issued on the basis of such false statement. The university administration shall not be liable in the event of loss of documents due to errors in the residence, address or e-mail notified by the applicant, failure or delay in notifying changes in such contact information, or postal, telegraphic or telematic disruptions not attributable to the Administration's fault.

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