AGORA Young Feminist Summer Camp, 29 August - 2 September 2018, Belgium


May 11, 2018


Event Date:

August 29, 2018 - September 02, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - AGORA Young Feminist Summer Camp, 29 August - 2 September 2018, Belgium

EWL Young Feminist Summer Camp

AGORA 2018

The AGORA is an EWL(The European Women’s Lobby) programme that brings young feminists from all over Europe to Brussels for a 5-day gathering to discuss and explore feminism and learn from each other. The next AGORA will take place from 29 August to 2 September 2018 and candidates are looked for to take part. The programme is open to any young selfidentified women aged between 18 and 30 (at the time of the AGORA) who is keen to connect with other young feminists. Through a 5-day participatory summer camp, program aims to create a space for young women to exchange, bridge gaps, inspire and be inspired, strengthen connections, reinforce skills and hear the voices of other young feminists. The objective is to empower young women feminists in Europe to be activist leaders in a changing world by giving them a space to share experience, knowledge and ideas.

Is Agora for you?

  • Are you keen to connect with a diverse group of young feminists from across Europe?
  • Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge and skills to advocate for women’s rights and gender equality?
  • Are you keen to find out what young feminists are doing against inequality across Europe, and how you can work together?
  • Are you keen to engage in highly participatory learning processes and willing to learn more about yourself, your talents and your work in this world?
  • Do you want to be part of shaping future feminist strategies and campaigns in Europe?
  • Do you agree with the values and mission of the European Women’s Lobby?

Do you fit the criteria?

  • Are you a feminist woman (self-defined) between 18 and 30 years old (at the time of the camp)?
  • Do you have experience in activism related to gender equality/women’s rights?
  • Do you currently live in the European Union or EU Candidate countries?
  • Do you have a good level of English?

The intersectional feminist organisation is committed to organising a summer camp that reflects and includes experiences that represent Europe in all of its diversity. As such, women of colour and from ethnic minority groups, women with disabilities, from the LGBTQI community and coming from marginalised groups are especially encouraged to apply. 

How to apply

All interested candidates can apply using the online application form:

In the application form, you should provide infomation your commitment to feminist activism and women's rights, whether through general activism, volunteering or work experience, academia or any other activities. Passionate and dedicated young feminists with different experiences and backgrounds are welcomed.

What is AGORA?

As a new generation of young feminists rises to the challenge of confronting the social, economic and political turbulence of the last years, the EWL wants to support and nourish these leaders and activists, give them more visibility, and strengthen the connections between them and with EWL itself. The AGORA aim is to:

  • Reconnect and reinforce young European women’s activism
  • Bring together young feminists from different backgrounds and with different experiences, to learn from each other and create connections
  • Set up a creative space for young feminist change agents to develop their activism
  • Build solidarity, empower young feminist activists and work together across borders to make feminism more inclusive and amplify the voices of feminist networks in Europe
  • Explore the concept of feminist leadership and power 
  • Enable the EWL to understand better the interests, needs and activities of young feminists in Europe and bring these more into the centre of EWL’s future strategy and actions.

The programme

During 5 days, an inclusive space for participants to exchange is set up, to inspire and to reinforce skills through workshops, skills and expertise sharing, facilitated by EWL and partners. The programme uses innovative participatory methodologies based on a transformative learning process, which is both about learning on a personal, individual level, as well as on an organisational/societal and systems level. The tools used throughout the programme offer a space for dialogue, shared reflection, open learning and co-creation. The aim is to create a safe and creative feminist space for exploring issues together and build solidarity. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge through participant-led workshops and open sessions, and there will be some workshops led by EWL Policy and Campaigns staff. The AGORA space is the participants’ space, guided by the facilitators. There is also of course time for the young women to relax and socialise over dinners, lunches and drinks throughout the programme.

Please note that the AGORA programme focuses on sharing knowledge, co-creating and exploring issues together, and it is not an academic summer school or study visit. The programme is also not intended as a therapeutic space but the experience shows that challenging conversations often emerge during the AGORA – the personal is political! – so program aims to create a safe and supportive space for everyone. This is a residential programme and all the sessions and times together matter greatly so all selected participants are expected to be present for all the sessions and the organised dinners (there will be some free time too). This includes all participants who live in Brussels. This means you must be able to commit to the full programme from start to finish, which will start around 15h in central Brussels on 29 August and end around 14h on 2 September.

The venues

Participants will stay at the Jacques Brel hostel, a fully accessible youth hostel located in the heart of Brussels. You will be sharing rooms with 2 or 3 other AGORA participants. The programme sessions will all take place at the Jacques Brel hostel. You will spend time together with others in one room, and also break out in into groups in smaller rooms at different points in the programme. There will also be one room at the hostel available through the 5 days for anyone to use should they need a private conversation, take some time-out, etc. There will be a number of activities organised including dinners with opportunities to network with EWL staff and some of our allies. The program will make every effort to ensure that all activities and venues are as inclusive and accessible as possible and will work with participants to understand and accommodate any special needs. Participants who may have special needs will be contacted by EWL staff beforehand to understand what support is needed during the whole programme. 

The selection process

There are only 40 places. The selection will be made by EWL staff, based on the application forms and on the criteria above. The motivation and experience in feminist activism or campaigns for gender equality and women’s rights will be deciding factors, as well participants’ experience of diversity. Our aim is to bring together a group of young feminists from diverse backgrounds and with different levels of experiences in feminism and activism. Please note that as a network organisation, about 20 places for candidates who are affiliated and supported by one of EWL’s members are being reserved. This is to ensure that there is a direct and sustainable link with EWL and its members. For participants who are not yet linked to our members, the program will ensure there is connection with relevant members before the AGORA. All successful candidates will be informed by 1 June 2018. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide feedback on applications to unsuccessful candidates. 

Financial contribution

EWL will cover the costs of the programme for participants while in Brussels, including accommodation and all the meals, but if you are selected, you will be expected to organise and cover the costs for your own travel to Brussels. There are many cheap means to travel (Megabus, Eurolines, Easyjet, Ryanair, Blablacar…). The program will not exclude anyone on the basis of their ability to pay and a few travel bursaries will be available. If you are selected, you will be provided more information about how to apply for these bursaries. For every AGORA, participants are asked to contribute to a small solidarity fund by making a donation to the EWL. The program wants to be sure that no one will be excluded from participation for financial reasons (including travel costs) but as the program don’t have enough funding to cover the full participation costs for everyone (venue of the event, the accommodation, the catering, the speakers, the team and the material), the program ask for a financial contribution. This supports us to run the whole programme and have travel bursaries for a number of participants. In the application form, you are asked to indicate your level of voluntary contribution but please be 100% assured that the amount you can contribute will not in any way impact on our selection process. 

Application form

You need to complete the application online using this google form: Below are the questions you are asked to respond to in the online application form - you are provided the list of questions in case you prefer preparing the answers in advance in a separate document, and then copying them over in the form when you are ready. Deadline for application is 11 May 2018 at 23h. 

Personal information

Questions around your name, age, country and place of residence, nationality, social media used, etc

EWL Members

Are you affiliated and supported by one of EWL’s member organisation - 20 spots will be reserved for candidates who are affiliated or supported by one of EWL’s member organisations. If you are applying through one of our members, they will need to confirm with us via email that they are supporting your application. Name of contact person at the EWL member organisation you are affiliated to?

Biography (maximum 1300 characters)

1. Please explain your relevant experience for the AGORA - personal, professional, academic and/or other.

Commitment to Women’s Rights/ Gender Equality (maximum 1300 characters)

2. Please indicate any relevant experience or expertise in relation to women’s rights and gender equality. Please highlight particularly the experience you have in feminist organising or activism, and describe the action(s) you have been involved in, including what inspired you to get involved and what role you played. 

Motivation to participate in the Agora

3. Why do you want to participate in the EWL AGORA 2018? Please explain your motivation for applying and why this is relevant for you at this time. (maximum 1300 characters)

4. How will you make use of what you learn and the connections you make in your work on women’s rights after AGORA? (maximum 1300 characters)

5. What do you think the main priorities should be and what are your expectations of the feminist movement today in Europe? (maximum 1300 characters)

Your wishes, skills and knowledge

6. Are there specific issues or skills that you would like to learn more about during AGORA? (maximum 500 characters)

7. Do you have any experience of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, life experience, religion or any other status? (maximum 500 characters)

8. Do you have any experience or knowledge of working to combat sexual exploitation? If yes, please explain. (maximum 500 characters)

9. Would you be interested in leading a workshop-session during the summer camp? If yes, on what theme? Note that if selected, they will be in touch with you to expand on the proposed workshop (maximum 500 characters)

Language skills

What is your mother tongue? Level of English (the programme and all written communication will be in English, so a level of understanding and communication in English spoken and read is required)

  • Native speaker/completely fluent
  • Excellent
  • Good knowledge
  • Fair/moderate knowledge

Financial contribution

Please can you indicate the level of participation fee that you would be able to contribute. The amount will NOT impact in any way on our selection. The EWL has minimal funding to help us organise this programme and for every AGORA, participants are asked to contribute to a small solidarity fund by making a donation to the EWL. The program want to make sure that no one is excluded from participating in AGORA for financial reasons (such as travel costs) but not having enough funding to cover the full participation costs for everyone (venue of the event, the accommodation, the catering, the speakers, the team and the material), the program asks for a financial contribution from participants. This supports us to pay for some participants’ travel costs and cover a small part of the programme costs. Please be 100% assured that the amount you can contribute will not in any way impact on our selection process. Keep in mind that you also need to organise and cover the costs for your own travel to Brussels. Once in Brussels, you will not have to pay for anything (EWL will cover everyone’s accommodation, meals, etc). As mentioned above the program also have a small solidarity fund that allows us to give travel bursaries to a few participants. If you are selected, you will be provided more information about how to apply for these bursaries. 

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