The Summer Student Program at JINR 2018, Russia


March 31, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - The Summer Student Program at JINR 2018, Russia

The Summer Student Program at JINR

Program Purpose  

The main purpose of the Summer Student Program at JINR is to attract graduate students from the JINR Member States on a competitive basis to the Institute scientific groups that implement the main JINR research projects. 

Program Dates  

The Summer Student Program at JINR will be organized in the form of student research projects in the scientific groups and will last from 4 to 8 weeks during the period from June to September of each calendar year. 

Program Participants

Participants of the Program may be students finishing third (penultimate) year of bachelor studies, master students or PhD students enrolled in the first year of graduate school.

Application Procedure 

To participate in the selection competition one has to: 

  • register at the web-page of the Program indicating all necessary contact information;
  • fill in the application form in the section "SUMMER PROGRAM - 20**" to participate in the Program of year 20**. 

Recommendations to the Applicants 

When applying for the Program, one must indicate the contacts of one reference person only. The Program Committee will send a link to the applicant's profile to the address of the reference person with a request for a letter of recommendation to be written for a potential Program participant. Each applicant will be required to provide a letter of recommendation to be submitted to the Program Committee. Reference persons can be university professors that educate the applicants or representatives of scientific organizations from the JINR Member States who know the applicants.

Selection of Participants

Upon receiving the application forms and letters of recommendation, the Program Committee will select the participants of the current year. Upon publication of the list of participants and agreement on the terms of stay at JINR for each participant, the Programm Committee send the selected students and postgraduates an official invitation to participate in the Program. 

Financial support

JINR provides all the SSP participants with free accommodation in a hotel, pays per diem money, and covers travel expenses.
How to buy tickets and get reimbursement of travel expenses
To get reimbursement of transport expenses, please, follow the instructions below:
1. Buy a ticket to Moscow and back at your own expense.
2. If you buy an airplane ticket, the ticket must be round-trip, economy class. 
3. Please, inform the organisers on the total amount of your travel expenses in the following way:
    1) Point  A - Point B (bus, the price 300 rubles).
    2) Point B – Moscow, Domodedovo (airplane, the price 5000 rubles).
    3) Domodedovo - Moscow (Aeroexpress, the price 400 rubles).
    4) Moscow - Dubna (train, the price 370 rubles).
    5) And back to Point A in the same way.
        or continue the route ... 
4. If the ticket is paid in cash, please, attach a receipt of payment. 
5. If the ticket is paid by credit card, please, attach a bank statement. 
IMPORTANT! The credit card must belong to you (i.e. your name must be indicated on it). The price indicated on the ticket, must be equal to the amount of money debited from your account.
6. Electronic tickets may look different, so, please, make sure that the ticket contains the following information: ticket number, passenger name, indication of the price, itinerary details, dates and time of departure and arrival.Please keep the boarding passes to hand them to the organisers.
7. If you use several kinds of transport, it is necessary to have similar documents for all the stages of your transportation. 
8. Please hand all the documents (original boarding passes, tickets and financial documents) to Elena Karpova, University Centre, LIT building, room 433.
9. Reimbursement of travel expenses is made by money transfer to the personal account of the SSP participant, not including bank fee. Please provide your bank account details: bank name, bank address, IBAN, SWIFT, all in Latin letters.  

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