The Ottoman Summer Program, 25 June - 3 August 2018, Turkey

Publish Date: Mar 05, 2018

Deadline: Apr 01, 2018

Event Dates: from Jun 25, 2018 12:00 to Aug 03, 2018 12:00

The Ottoman Summer Program


About the Program

The Ottoman Summer Program will take place at the Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. The program is open to students enrolled in MA and PhD programs. Students are expected to have had Ottoman instruction at least for half an academic year. The program is designed to develop the students’ reading and comprehension skills and expertise on a variety of Ottoman sources including archival documents, manuscripts, and epigraphic material. The material will accordingly present a wide array of content and narrative types. The course is designed to accommodate the needs of participants coming with different levels of Ottoman literacy.


Ottoman classes are conducted Monday through Thursday at two levels. Arabic and Persian classes take place in the afternoons. 

Intermediate-Level Classes (Mo–Th; 9am-10:30am; 10:45am-12:00pm) assumes that participants are already familiar with the basics of Ottoman language (orthography, basic vocabulary) and are able to read printed texts of intermediate-level complexity by using dictionary with some ease. The class will introduce them to various text and script types. 

Advanced-Level Classes (Mo–Th; 9am-10:30am; 10:45am-12:00pm) requires that the students feel comfortable taking on the task of deciphering complex Ottoman texts from different periods by using dictionary. The class will cover various text and script types. 

Arabic and Persian Classes (Mo–Th; 2.30pm-4:30pm) are designed to supplement the students’ Ottoman reading skills. Mastery of Ottoman reading and comprehension requires a good familiarity with Arabic and Persian grammar and vocabulary. These classes have two levels: Elementary and Intermediate. Students may choose to attend any combination of classes. 


  • Guided trips to the Prime Ministry’s Ottoman (Başbakanlık) Archives and the Süleymaniye Manuscript Library will introduce the students to two fundamental collections for the study of Ottoman history. Süleymaniye Library houses one of the richest Islamic manuscript collections in the world. Prime Ministry’s Ottoman Archives is also by far the largest collection of Ottoman state documents.

  • One lecture by a scholar of Ottoman history will give the students the opportunity to learn about recent scholarship and meet other students of Ottoman history in Istanbul.


All course materials will be provided electronically. Dictionaries will be available at ANAMED’s study hall reserved for participants.

Certificates and transcripts

ANAMED issues certificates to all students who successfully complete the program. If you need an officially issued transcript, please be in touch in a timely manner with the coordinators.


  • Participants are expected to stay in the ANAMED dorms. The classes also take place in the same building. 
  • Lunch is included 4 days a week. Students receive vouchers to be redeemed at a restaurant nearby. 

Airfare and visa arrangements and expenses are each participant’s own responsibility.

Fees are $3000 USD.


Scholarships will be given based on need and merit. Please indicate your wish to be considered for a scholarship and make sure to submit the related form.

The scholarships can be categorized as;

1. Full Scholarships (Candidates will only be required to pay for airfare and personal expenses.)
2. Half Scholarships (Candidates will be asked to pay half of the total tuition. They will also be asked to pay for airfare and personal expenses.)

How to apply

Please review the requirements section and make sure that you are eligible to apply. Please fill in the Application Form and send it along with all the documents below to before the deadline.

1. Application Form
2. Statement of Purpose
3. Current CV
4. One recommendation letter

After the deadline, the program professors come together and evaluate all candidates. 

Those who are accepted to the program are expected to do the following:

1. Fill out the Special Student Form (This is only required for those who want to receive credit for the program).
2. Transfer the tuition fee to one of the accounts here with the explanation "ANAMED - Ottoman Summer Program"
3. Send an email to and confirm that you have made the payment.


Tuition for Summer 2018 will be $3000 USD.
Please note that airfare and visa expenses are each participants’ own responsibility.

The tuition includes:

  • Accommodation at ANAMED
  • All course material
  • Lunch four days a week
  • All expenses of field trips
  • Full access to the ANAMED Library

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