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Certificate courses are relatively short educational initiatives, which aim to substantially upgrade your professional knowledge and skills. These courses are an ideal supplement on existing degrees and a big step forward towards career development. Oriented towards a particular subject, certificate programs are an excellent combination of practical skills and theory. Available during summer vacations, in the evenings and even online, professional certificate courses aim to fit a working schedule.

Certificate programs offer specific industry-oriented knowledge and target to meet labour market demands. Companies often encourage their employees to attend online or on-site certificate courses to take their professional skills to a higher level and fund these themselves.

Professionals, whose activities are licensed by the state or any other authorized organizations, need to attend certificate programs to meet specific licensing requirements. Most often the licensing body organizes the course itself to issue the license upon its successful accomplishment. The main areas of professional certification are accounting and auditing, as well as finances, healthcare and social work.

Universities are also authorized to issue certificates for completion of such programs as paralegal studies or human resources management. Certain certificate programs, run by Universities, earn credits. This is an important factor for those, who think of a graduate degree as a long-term goal.

Advanced certificate courses are, usually, organized by academic institutions, aiming to provide in-depth knowledge in a particular academic area, e.g. an advanced course on public policy analysis can be designed for mid-career public servants to improve their analytical and research skills.

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