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World Health Organization Patient Safety and Risk Management Internship 2019, Switzerland

Publish Date: Jan 30, 2019


Scope of the internship

This internship offers the opportunity to work in the Patient Safety and Risk Management Unit (PSU),  under  the  supervision  of  the  Coordinator,  Dr  Neelam  Dhingra-Kumar.  The  intern  will contribute to one or more projects concerning medication safety, education & training (how to create and promote multidisciplinary teams), global patient safety networks and partnerships (how to strengthen interaction among the  global patient  safety community); monitoring  and evaluating  impact  (WHO Global Patient  Safety  Challenge),  safety  and quality  culture, patient safety  incident  reporting  and  learning  (how  reporting  impacts  quality  improvement),  and healthcare  risk  management.  The  main  responsibilities  of  the  intern  include:  participation  in meetings, taking notes, and liaising with external experts.


WHO may accept applicants who meet all the following conditions as interns:

●     Enrolled in a course of study at a university or equivalent institution leading to a formal qualification (graduate  or postgraduate) (applicants who have already graduated may also qualify for consideration provided that they start the internship within six months after completion of their formal qualification);

●     To have completed three years of full-time studies and be at least twenty years old at the time at the time of application;

●     Applicants who are fluent in English and preferably in other WHO working languages e.g.

French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, or Spanish;

●     Applicants   who   are   not   related   to   a   staff   member   of   WHO   (e.g.   son/daughter, brother/sister or mother/father);

●     Applicants should not have previously participated in WHO’s internship programme.

Please consider your visa requirements before applying.

When offering an internship, WHO agrees to:

●     Review  progress  regularly  and  provide  adequate  feedback  and  coaching/mentoring during the internship.

●     Provide office space and related support facilities to enable the intern to undertake the assignment;

●     Not sign any agreements, proposed or required by a sponsor, university or equivalent institution;

●     Prepare a written evaluation of the  intern's performance  and provide the  intern with feedback at the end of the internship;

●     WHO internships are not paid. Travel costs, travel arrangements (including visas), and living accommodations are the responsibility of the intern.

Internship Location and Expected Dates

The intern will be based in WHO Patient Safety and Risk Management Secretariat, Avenue Appia 20 CH-1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

●     Duration of the internship: a minimum period of 12 weeks and a maximum period of 24 weeks.

●     Internship will  be  allocated  for  the  above  duration starting  within the  period  of  April 2019.

Application Guideline

All IPSF members who meet and comply with the requirements above are eligible to apply. WHO PSU will be responsible for the final selection of applicant(s). Successful applicant(s) undertaking an internship will not be financially remunerated by IPSF. The applicant(s) will be responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses.

As part of the application, please submit:

-    A curriculum vitae (CV) in English (maximum 2 pages);

-    Confirmation of membership in IPSF (from your Contact Person or from the IPSF Internal

Relations Chairperson if you are an Individual Member);

-     A  cover  letter  in  support  of  the  application  mentioning  the  areas  of  interest  and motivation for applying (maximum 2 pages);

-    Enrollment letter from University (certified by Dean or Head of study programme) or a

diploma for recent graduates.

Please submit electronic copies of your full application to Ms. Bidhata Khatri, IPSF Internship Coordinator, at no later than 8 February 2019 23:59 GMT +0. Please use the subject line “WHO Patient Safety Internship 2019”. Only PDF format of all applications will be accepted and applications will only be considered if all relevant documents are included.

IPSF will complete the 1st round selection process and WHO PSU will make the final selection.

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