Vienna Green Summer Academy, 06 - 24 July 2015, Austria

Publish Date: May 08, 2015

Event Dates: from Jul 06, 2015 12:00 to Jul 24, 2015 12:00

Location Vienna (Austria)

Tuition fee 1050.00 € (student: 800.00 €)

Dates 06.07.2015 - 24.07.2015

Content description

Insight into hotspots of sustainable and new Austrian Design in Architecture.
Weekly changing focus on
- Future scenarios in spatial and urban planning
- Planning the future : smart and sustainable buildings
- Do investments in renewable technology pay back and when?
- Ways from passive-house-standard to plus-energy-buildings
- Energy-efficient building envelopes and design strategies
- All about the thermal behavior of buildings and heat bridges
- Ecologically friendly materials and certificates
- Integration of renewable energies into planning and building concepts
- Models for the participation of owners in the design-process
- Evaluation of buildings over their life-cycle with specific tools
- Lectures and workshops with leading architects and experts in green architecture
- Excursions to passive and plus-energy-buildings

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Recommended credits:
Academic/scientific area(s) of session:
Architecture, Energy Efficient Buildings, Passive Building
Target group:
International students and professionals with background in engineering, art and design or architecture
three weeks (45-55 contact hours)
Kind of exam:
oral, project work
Schedule of 1. Week:
Changing Strategies - towards Smart and Sustainable Cities

The limits of growth and the necessary change of life-style will be her topic:
Today's lifestyle very clearly leads to doomsday on the long run generally described as Peak everything. This requires for sure a very quick change of strategies, and above all the change of lifestyle is urgent and unavoidable.

The following lecturers (power-point presentations), plus field excursion to sites, are thematically connected and will focus on the following:

Energy Economics, Prof. Brauner, Prof. Nakicenovic
Sustainable Supply Scenarios (grids, renewable energies, biomass), Prof. Haas
Urban and Landscape Planning, Prof. Stiles
Eco-Transport Systems, Prof. Hauger, DI M. Ernst
Regional and Urban Planning, Prof. Zech, DI Dr. Hirschler
Schedule of 2. Week:
Green Architecture - Materials, Technology and Optimization
The introductory lecture - Principles of Energy-efficient and Sustainable Design will be held by DI Österreicher (AIT) and leads into the topic of design and planning in detail, while the other morning lectures, held by advanced lecturers and researchers of VUT, focus on the main topics of sustainable design like low energy and passive houses made from renewable materials, housing technologies in passive houses, energy PLUS- design strategies and their optimization and evaluation by the use of simulation tools.

Principles of Energy-efficient and Sustainable building, DI Doris Österreicher (AIT)
Innovative Methods in Building Renovation, Arch.en Reinberg (Reinberg Architekten)
Wood Architecture and Timber Constructions, Prof. Wolfgang Winter
Assurance of Quality in Passivehouse Timber Constructions, Dr. Heinz Ambrosy
Loam Architecture, Ass.Prof. Dr. Heinz Bruckner, Ass.Prof. Dr. Karin Stieldorf
Biomimetics in Architecture, DI Dr. Petra Gruber
Housing technology, Prof. Thomas Bednar (
Building Automation, Prof. Kastner, Prof. Dietrich
From passive house standard to energy-PLUS buildings, simulation and evaluation, Ass.Prof. Karin Stieldorf (HB1, ANB)
In addition, the topic will be highlighted by the excursion to the LOPAS healthy and sustainable house (Tattendorf, south of Vienna)
Schedule of 3. Week:
Renewable Energies for Energy-PLUS Buildings
This bloc introduces to the main possible alternatives for the energy supply of energy-Plus buildings.
You will learn first how these technologies work in theory. In addition, experts will give an overview of how to integrate these technologies into the building envelope in practice. Finally the excursion to built examples in and around Vienna, led by experts and/or practicing architects, will show technically and aesthetically convincing results in architecture.

Photovoltaic and Warm Water Collectors, DI Wertz (IET)
Heat Pumps and Earth Collectors, Prof. Ponweiser (IET)
Biomass, Prof. Haider, Prof. Walter (IET)
Life Cycle Analysis, DI Iva Kovacic (bi.ibpm)
Ventilation Systems and Indoor Air Quality, N.N. (VUT)

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