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Undergraduate Program in Marketing, RIT Dubai, UAE

Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai (RIT Dubai)


Opportunity Cover Image - Undergraduate Program in Marketing, RIT Dubai, UAE

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (14 May 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program and scholarship opportunities


A marketing major provides students with a solid understanding of business activities under the marketing umbrella—from the identification and selection of target markets, to the development, pricing, placement and promotion of goods and services, and the management of relationships among business partners and their customers.
Marketing is comprised of many different areas of study. At RIT Dubai, marketing majors study business-consumer relationships from many angles including advertising, Internet marketing, search engine analytics, professional selling, international marketing and buyer behavior. It is an exciting, dynamic field that has great impact on a rm's success. RIT graduates are able to understand consumer behavior, calculate pricing on both cost and profit based approaches, analyze a company's marketing strategy in order to recognize appropriate and inappropriate marketing alternatives and have good communication skills that will benefit them in the workplace.
In the marketing major, students learn theory and gain practical experience by creating tactically enabled strategic marketing plans. Through projects, they learn to work independently and in teams to achieve organizational objectives. Marketing majors develop leadership and communication skills through classroom experiences and their work on real and simulated business challenges. Students will gain proficiency in analyzing and understanding buyers, developing and delivering professional sales presentations, and designing and implementing marketing research projects.
About Marketing
Organizations rely on marketing to analyze their consumers and their competitors, while making strategic decisions about product development and management, pricing, positioning and placement. Professionals in marketing need good communication skills and must enjoy working with people. 

BS Marketing Learning Outcomes 

Program level (shared among all business programs):

  • Creative Problem Solving:  Generate a creative solution to a business problem or opportunity through the application of design thinking.    
  • Technology:  Apply business technology and explain its' implications.    
  • Analytical and Critical Skills:  Analyze and evaluate major business issues to make and communicate effective decisions.    
  • Applied Focus:   Demonstrate the ability to apply what they have learned to perform effectively in actual business settings.    

Marketing Specific:     

  • Consumer Buying Process - Understand the consumer buying process.    
  • Target Markets - Demonstrate an understanding of the process of segmenting markets, choosing a 
  • Market Research and Strategy - Demonstrate an understanding of marketing research, key marketing metrics and their use in marketing strategy.    
  • Marketing Plan - Be able to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.


A career in marketing can take a student in several different directions. Students find that there are many opportunities in marketing, all focused on creating value for target markets and then communicating that value to the customers. Careers in marketing can include being a product manager, brand manager, advertising and communications manager, or market research analyst.


Cooperative education is a full-time paid work experience in the student’s field of study. Students are required to complete 16 weeks of cooperative education. Many students study abroad to solidify their understanding of a foreign language and gain experience living in another culture.


Course Catalog 

Undergraduate Program Schedule: Business Administration-MARKETING Sample Schedule

Saunders collage of Business: Undergraduate - Marketing

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (14 May 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program and scholarship opportunities

Eligible Countries
Host Country
Study Levels
Publish Date
May 04, 2016


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