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Do you want to study, communicate, relax - and usefully exchange academic experience during your holidays? For this, you need to find a perfect summer school that will match your academic interests, the budget and country preferences. Summer schools are the best way to enrich knowledge in the specific field and in a short time, acquire new skills.

What is the Summer School?

A summer school is a short-term program which provides academically oriented lessons, classes and activities during summer.

Many summer schools are so successful and expected that institutions offering these programs make the programs annual, allowing new students to improve their knowledge every year.

Below are listed some of the most known annual summer schools. This list will be updated regularly. 

Summer Schools in Europe

Central European University Summer Schools

European University Institute Summer Schools

Utrecht University Summer Schools

ETH Zurich Summer Schools

Armenian, Persian and Russian Summer Schools of ASPIRANTUM

University of Oxford Summer Schools

University of Glasgow Summer Schools

University of Oslo Summer Schools

University of Edinburgh Summer Schools

Leiden University Summer Schools

University of Antwerp Summer Schools

LSE Summer Schools

UCL Summer Schools

Geneva Summer Schools

University of Vienna Summer Schools

Tinbergen Institute Summer Schools

University of Essex Summer Schools

Institute for European Studies Summer Schools

Vrije University Summer Schools

University of Copenhagen Summer Schools

TU Berlin Summer Schools

Summer Schools in the United States

Harvard Summer Schools

Yale Summer Schools

Stanford Summer Schools

Berkeley Summer Schools

UCLA Summer Schools

Georgetown University Summer Schools

University of Pennsylvania Summer Schools

Cornell University Summer Schools

Columbia University Summer Schools

University of Michigan Summer Schools

Summer Schools in China

Peking University Summer Schools

Fudan University Summer Schools

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer Schools

Shanghai Summer School

Fully Funded Summer Schools

Usually, summer schools are expensive, but many summer school programs provide grants and scholarships that benefit those with less financial abilities. Summer School organizers can offer scholarship options such as travel grants for covering travel costs or full scholarships to cover all possible costs. Quite often, external organizations can pair with an academic institution in organizing a summer school and offer full scholarships to students who meet their eligibility criteria. Students may be eligible for a fully-funded summer school if they meet specific academic criteria or originate from a specified country. 

How Long is the Summer School? 

Summer schools usually last from one to 10-12 weeks. Each academic program has its regulations about the length of the summer program. Among summer academic programs are top-rated short or long language courses. For example, language schools calculate the summer school's length, not with weeks, but hourly. Thus a summer school may last three weeks with overall 60 hours of language learning, or it may last six weeks with the same amount of hours. Every summer school organizer announces the length of the summer program on their websites. 

Summer School vs Winter School / Autumn School / Spring School

Interestingly enough, the term "Summer School" is equally applicable for the winter, autumn and spring schools. The summer school became the general name to define any short term learning experience regardless of the season or the weather. One of the reasons for such ambiguity is that compared with other seasons summers offer the most extended holidays for researchers and students. Thus the majority of the short term academic learning events are organized in summers. Accordingly, quite often, the term summer school is used instead of winter and other seasonal schools.

Online Summer Schools

Because of COVID, almost all academic institutions offering regular classroom summer schools have switched to offering summer schools online. Online summer schools have the same content and will guide you through the subject in the best possible way. The most unpleasant difference between online and in-classroom summer schools is that the students miss the context. They will miss the guided tours to that country's cultural heritage sites and, most importantly, miss the networking opportunities with other participants of the course. If there is an option to choose between the online and in-classroom versions of the same summer school, it is better to choose the in-classroom one, travel to the country, meet new people and experience new experiences. 

Summer Schools Database on ARMACAD

The best way to find and apply for a summer school is to search for such programs. One of the most relevant website platforms that provide easy and comfortable access to global announcements concerning summer schools and classes is It offers the best summer school programs for international students, including summer opportunities for high school students, university students, scholars, researchers, teachers, professors and other interested parties. On you can find all required information about international or local summer schools and make the search process quicker and more enjoyable.

Moreover, if you want to organize a summer program and have summer school ideas, you may search and find grant-giving organizations on These organizations may support you to organize summer schools in different countries and on different topics. If you organize a summer school, is the best place to immediately publish information about that event and attract many academically-oriented applicants.

In general, on, you can search for any summer school programs, offered by many schools, universities, and companies worldwide. 

The "Summer schools" section on our o website will show you all the related announcements that interest you, with full summer school information. On, you may find precise information about the summer school's length, price, funding opportunities, summer school eligibility conditions and deadlines.