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Summer School - Battlefields Uncovered 2, 2022, Utrecht University, Utrecht

Publish Date: Feb 21, 2022

If you have previously completed Battlefields Uncovered: Introduction to Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Conflict, you can build on your learning in this course. You can choose to either join a heritage organisation near you to gain more practical skills or to write a guided research paper.

Students may EITHER write an extra 2500 word paper over 30 hours on one of the following topics:

  • Select a site of conflict and suggest a plan for archaeological investigation;
  • Select a site of conflict and report on its preservation, past present and future; 
  • Select a battle and explain how it has been represented in museums or in one or more form(s) of popular culture;
  • Select a battle and discuss its representation at the site or in museums with reference to issues of colonialism and/or gender.


  • Students choose an archaeological or heritage organisation to work with. Together with them students develop their skills and knowledge with an approved over 30 hours. They must keep a log and the partner organisation will confirm progress towards at least one of the learning goals above.

Aim of the course

​​​The aim of this course is to:

  • Develop knowledge of key battles;
  • Develop an understanding of the interplay between historical and archaeological sources; 
  • Develop the ability to discuss or write about knowledge and perspectives about the past;
  • Develop an understanding of issues around the preservation of sites of conflict;
  • Develop an understanding of issues around the presentation and or commemoration of conflict;
  • Develop understanding of archaeological methods and techniques;
  • Develop confidence in your own academic skills;
  • Demonstrate deepening in your understanding of one academic topic over a sixth month period;
  • Develop practical skills to support your local community or a partner organisation.

Study load

30 hours of guided self-study or internship.

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