NHTV Bachelor Scholarship 2017 at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Publish Date: Dec 12, 2016

Deadline: May 01, 2017

NHTV Bachelor Scholarship for talented Non-EU/EEA students 2017 - 2018 

NHTV Bachelor Scholarship has been designed to support non-EU/EEA students who pay the full tuition fee (institution fee) for one of the bachelor's programmes at NHTV. Every year a limited number of scholarships is available for non-EU/EEA-students to contribute to the costs of the tuition fee. It consists of a € 3,000 reduction of the tuition fee in the first year of studying at NHTV and a € 1,500 reduction of the tuition fee in the consecutive years.

The number of scholarships for academic year 2017 – 2018 is limited and will be communicated via the website. Students need to apply as soon as possible and can be asked to provide additional information to substantiate allocation of the scholarship, under the condition that the applicant meets all eligibility criteria. Additional information may include overview of grades, a motivational letter or letters of recommendation. Next to the selected candidates, we will have a ‘reserve list’ on which the other candidates, who meet the requirements will be registered. If one of the selected students decides not to come to the Netherlands or fails to apply for the MVV in time, the next person on the reserve list will be granted the scholarship.

To apply please fill in the application form and send it to the Scholarship coordinator (scholarships@nhtv.nl) as soon as possible.

Deadline to apply: 1 May

Please contact the scholarship coordinator (scholarships@nhtv.nl) if you have questions.


The student applying for NHTV Bachelor Scholarship:

• possesses a non-EU/EEA nationality and will pay the tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students;
• will be registered as a student at NHTV for the entire academic year;
• meets the visa requirements for entering and residing in the Netherlands as a foreigner;
• will provide all documents requested by the Student Office as required for registration as a student of NHTV (f.e. copy residence permit) in time;
• has not been awarded another scholarship that already covers all expenses;
• will only be awarded a scholarship of € 1.500 for the consecutive academic years when he/she has obtained a minimum of 48 ECTS during the preceding academic year;
• will only be awarded the scholarship for a period not exceeding the maximum length of the regular study programme, e.g. when a student is starting in the second year, the student will receive scholarship for a maximum of three years;
• will observe all regulations and values of NHTV as laid down in – amongst others – Code of Conduct, Student Statute, Examination Regulations (OER) and study handbook

Application procedure and deadlines

The student fills out and sends the application form to Student Office as soon as possible, May 1, 2017 at the latest, per e-mail via Scholarships@nhtv.nl We will only consider applications, if the student has completed the full application for a study programme and has handed in all requested documents (as far as possible). These will also be used to assess eligibility for the scholarship and the quality of the candidate.


May 1, 2017 (13.00 PM): Deadline for application for NHTV Bachelor Scholarship.

May 8, 2017: Check whether student meets eligibility criteria; Check whether student has completed his/her application
for the study programme at NHTV (including registration in Studielink)
Check whether students will be admitted.

May 8, 2017: Students will be informed per e-mail whether they are eligible and should go ahead applying for MVV .

May 26, 2017: Student Office in consultation with academy, makes a selection based on quality of students, advises the
Executive Board with regards to candidates and reserve candidates for the scholarship. The advice will be checked and presented to the Executive Board.

June 16, 2017: Final decision by Executive Board.

June 16, 2017: Inform candidates and reserve candidates of decision; Check whether students have handed in all documents
requested for the MVV application; If applicable, grant scholarships to students of the reserve list.

During the Arrival days / Start programme: Sign agreement – if there are students that do not start, there is a possibility to grant a scholarship to students that have started their studies and were on the reserve list.

September 8, 2017: Deadline students with scholarship to hand in transcript of records, so we can check whether he/she meets requirement of minimum of 48 EC’s (or anytime sooner once they have obtained 48 EC’s)

October 2017: Student will be receiving the scholarship of € 1.500 in their bank account if they have been awarded the scholarship (or it has been deducted from tuition fee if handed in overview of obtained EC’s earlier).

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