Lecture - «Geordie dialect: phonetic, lexical, and grammatical peculiarities», YSLU Named After Valery Bryusov, Armenia

Publish Date: Nov 25, 2015

«Geordie dialect: phonetic, lexical, and grammatical peculiarities»

Lecturer: Dr. Karen Velyan


Geordie, a dialect spoken primarily in Newcastle, Northumbria, stands out for its unique pronunciation, as well as vocabulary and grammar. A mixture of Scandinavian languages, Scottish and English, Geordie dialect manifests similarities with the phonetic, lexical and grammatical features of the languages mentioned – the language variety that sounds strange even to the speakers of other dialects in England.

Karen  Velyan's lecture on Geordie dialect is based on his first-hand experience with the native speakers of Geordie. The lecture starts with socio-historic and cultural background of Geordie dialect, supplemented with a brief video movie about Newcastle – the main area of the dialect. Then, based on the field work, more specifically, numerous interviews with Geordie speakers, the lecture covers the most typical phonetic, as well vocabulary and grammar features of Geordie dialect, those that greatly deviate from the norms of Standard English.

Short bio

Karen Velyan, Ph.D in linguistics, is a professor of English and comparative linguistics at Yerevan State Linguistic University named after V.Brusov. His main academic interests are theoretical grammar, English dialectology, sociolinguistics, history of English and contrastive study of English and Armenian. In the last few years, for professional and research purposes he has visited England, Spain, and the United States. Quite recently, he has had a professional training at Harvard and Boston universities. Currently, he is doing his post-doc research related to syntactic peculiarities of social-class dialects in English as opposed to those in Armenian. Karen Velyan has almost 50 publications related to linguistic and cross linguistic studies.

Dr. Karen Velyan invites you to his lecture entitled «Geordie dialect: phonetic, lexical, and grammatical  peculiarities» . K. Velyan will share the outcomes of his linguistic research based on the field work he carried out in Newcastle, England.

The event place

the conference room in the main building of YSLU named after V. Brusov

The event time: November 30, 2 pm.

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