Koc University Law School LL.M. Programs 2017, Turkey

Publish Date: Jun 01, 2017

Aim of the LL.M. Programs

In today’s world, where there is a growing need to adopt legal approaches to cope with local as well as global issues, resolving legal controversies require a multi-dimensional perspective based on a conception of different legal disciplines; hence, the lawyer profile who is able to add to the development of society, economy, politics and the legal profession has been changing. With this respect, Koç University Institute of Social Sciences targets to contribute to the molding of this new lawyer profile, with an understanding based on reliable academic research, as well as practicing experience. We also offer non-thesis  programs as well as thesis programs. The program with thesis is composed of 4 core courses followed by 3 elective courses and is concluded with a thesis. The non-thesis program is composed of 10 courses and a final paper.

Fundamental characteristics of the Koç University LL.M. Programs of Public Law and Private Law, which have been established in conformity with the legislation of higher education, are as follows:

– World-wide reputed professors (and lecturers), who are distinguished as to their publications, research and practice of legal profession.
– Up-to-date courses structured on well-established and absorbed legal knowledge.
– Research and learning of different legal disciplines based on multi-dimensional perspectives.
– An atmosphere stimulating academic and vocational progress, whereby legal issues comprising comparative and international aspects are thoroughly examined.
– An integrated program with workshops, seminars and other activities parallel to the curriculum.
– Various options devoted to candidates with high competence of scientific research and to those who would like to differentiate from others in the legal profession.
– Regular and effective academic consultancy.
– Advanced research opportunities with regard to academic publications and instructions in particular, provided by Suna Kıraç Library.
– Privilege of being the part of a qualified group of graduate students, elected through adopting effective scaling and evaluation criteria.
– Academic collaboration with the leading law schools abroad.

Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder
Dean KU Law School

“With a genuine focus on global studies of law, outstanding research track of eminent faculty members and full impact in professional practice, our LLM programs trigger a new approach of advanced legal studies not only for Turkey, but also for studying in Turkey. Koç University LLM courses in public and private law have a wide range of curriculum including most demanding and less-discussed comparative and international topics of different legal disciplines. Taking into account legal developments at regional, local and international level, we offer both deepening in well-established legal disciplines and micro studies of law. Our varied LLM curricula is bilingual (English-Turkish). It intertwines local and global scholarship and expertise of law. Koç University LLM programs are dedicated to effective lecturing, real sense of legal research, global seminars, workshops, intensive consulting as well as co-curricular activities offering different types of career opportunities in legal leadership. With our competitive scholarships we aim at fostering high quality academic candidates and establishing a research hub of legal studies through academic LLM. Prospective students may also pursue a professional LLM track with a practical focus.

Prof. Dr. Billur Yaltı, LL.M. Coordinator for Public Law

“LLM  in Public Law is offering a unique program for graduates wanting to pursue a career in the field of public law with government and non-governmental organizations at national and international level, as well as in private practice, especially with respect to public interest litigation and policy-making. The aim of the program is to give students solid and comprehensive information on the public law aspects of international and European law through in-depth analysis and on how these bodies of law impact national legal orders.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Işık Önay, LL.M. Coordinator for Private Law

“The LLM in Private Law at Koç University aims to equip its students with legal skills to overcome challenges they are presented with both in the national and the international contexts with a particular focus on business law. The courses on Turkish law provide graduate-level knowledge for both practitioners and those pursuing an academic career; whereas the courses pertaining to international and comparative aspects of law aim to bring students up to date with new developments, challenges and harmonization efforts in the area of private law. The topics covered in the curriculum include contract law, competition law, dispute settlement mechanisms, intellectual property law, transport law, labor law, World Trade Organization and European Union law. “

Admission Criteria

Interviews and written exams for applicants of LLM with Thesis &  Non-Thesis Programs and PhD Programs: 10 July 2017

For More Information

Esra Özcan
Academic and Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (+90) 212 338 1885
E-posta: esraozcan@ku.edu.tr

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