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IELTS Preparation Courses by British Council

Publish Date: Feb 20, 2017

Success in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) can significantly affect your life. It provides access to higher levels of education and open doors to certain professions. 

Preparing for IELTS is hence crucial to increasing your chances of getting the score you need to fulfil your educational or vocational dream. That is why British Council Armenia has put together an IELTS Candidate Support package to help you approach the test confidently. 

What are our offers?

 Our offers are as follows:

Course Name Required English Level Length Description Course Fee
Academic IELTS Preparation Course B1+ (Upper-intermediate) and higher 34 hours and 6 hours practice, total 40 hours in six weeks An intensive course introducing the test format and structure with a focus on the test taking skills and strategies needed for effective handling of each section.   120,000 AMD (3000 per hour)
IELTS General Training Preparation Course 1 A2 and B1 (Pre-intermediate and Intermediate) 60 hours in ten weeks The course content focuses on the language elements and skills including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of the IELTS General Training Module and practice of the relevant test skills to improve the candidates’ performance in the exam. 170,000 AMD (~2800 per hour)
IELTS General Training Preparation Course 2 B1+ (Upper-intermediate) and higher 60 hours in ten weeks The course aims to support learners with B1+ English language level by fully covering the IELTS General Training Module test-taking skills and strategies as well as providing practice on the broader range of language that the candidates will encounter in an English-speaking environment.   170,000 AMD (~2800 per hour)


Why choose us?

Preparing for IELTS with us will provide you with:

  • a full understanding of the test format and structure
  • learning of IELTS-related test taking skills and strategies to help you maximise your result within your potential
  • access to a qualified and experienced teacher who is specifically trained by British Council Armenia for the delivery of the course
  • a  firm understanding of the best approaches to each task type in each section of the test
  • practicing your language skills and boost your proficiency
  • teacher feedback on your strengths and areas to improve by trying IELTS practice tasks
  • access to the British Council's IELTS preparation online resources.

Who runs the course and where?

The course is fully run and supervised by  British Council Armenia. The lessons take place in the following address: 13 Alex Manoogian, 1st floor, Foreign Languages Faculty, Armenian State Pedagogical University Building. The courses are delivered in partnership with the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

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