Historija, Istorija, Povijest- Lessons for Today 2016


November 15, 2016


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About the HIP project

Project " Historija, Istorija, Povijest-Lessons for Today" was launched in 2015, with the generous support form the European Union, with the goal of producing original and pedagogically innovative educational materials in history of the past 60 years the region of former Yugoslavia.
Implemented by the Anne Frank House (the Netherlands), with local partners from Croatia (HERMES), Bosnia-Herzegovina (YIHR & HIA), Macedonia (MOF) and Serbia(OK), the project has successfully produced more than 20 lesson plans, videos,timeline cards and other educational material. 

Teacher Competition

We are excited to announce the opportunity for new lesson plan submission from teachers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia & Serbia, in one of the 3 categories. 

1. Original lesson plan that deals with the history (any episode /event/ theme) of past 60 years in the region

  • Do not replicate any of the existing topics in the HIP lesson plans currently presented on the website -try and propose a topic that so far has not been covered. 
  • Use the same format / template of the lesson plans, as the other lesson plans have on the website.
  • Apply multiperspectivity ans propose original topic and methodological approach. 

2. Original lesson plan on the topic "Facing History" 

How can we teach 'unpleasant' facts, especially about own nation's history? What is the purpose of facing history and how can it be done through history lessons in a classroom? 

  • Focus on history of the past 60 years in the area of former Yugoslavia.
  • Use the same format/template of the lesson plan, as the other lesson plans have on webiste. 
  • Apply multiperspectivity and prospose original topic and methodological approach.

3. Original report and evaluation of implementation of one of the existing HIP lesson plans in your classrooms


All submissions need to be received by November 15, 2016 at 20:00, to I.Gavalova@annefrank.nl and M.Nenadovic@annefrank.nl . The submissions need to follow the prescribed instructions and should be submitted in Albanian, English, Bosnian Croatian, Macedonian or Serbian languages. 

Fore more information click "further official information" below. 

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