Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Research Fellowships 2018, Germany

Publish Date: Mar 21, 2017

Deadline: Jul 15, 2017

The HWK is an ideal platform for building networks on campus and with the regional collaboration partners.

Regular and Junior Fellowships are currently offered in the four research areas within the scientific program of the HWK:
Energy Research (“Energy”), Marine and Climate Research (“Earth”), Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences (“Brain”), and Social Sciences (“Society”).

All other Fellowship categories follow specific rules as stated in the overview below. With the Fellowship program, the HWK supports research and science as well as arts and humanities, benefitting not only the individual Fellow but also the scientific community in regional research institutions.

Overview of HWK Fellowship categories:


  • Regular Fellowship: appointment based on application procedure; duration:  three to ten months. Splitting into no more than two periods of residence is possible. Requirements: Completed doctoral degree; the planned project must fit within one of the HWK’s research fields. Collaborations with colleagues at the regional universities and research institutes are appreciated but not a necessary condition for a Fellowship application.
  • Junior Fellowship:appointment based on application procedure; duration: three to ten months. Requirements: a doctoral degree earned within the last five years; otherwise, the conditions are the same as for the Regular Fellowship.
  • Twin Fellowship: no application possible, but must be nominated by a current Regular or Junior Fellow! Duration: two to eight weeks. Goal: intense collaboration for the benefit of the Fellowship project.
  • Associate Fellowship: no regular application procedure, but available only for regional scientists to work on specific Projects.
  • Associate Junior Fellowship:program is closed – applications are no longer possible; only available for regional junior scientists to continue their own research projects at their respective institutions, but meet regularly for various events at the HWK In addition to academic and cultural events, the program also provides funding opportunities, for example for organizing their own conference or scientific retreat.Duration: up to three years.
  • Artist in Residence: suitable candidates are pre-selected by the Artistic Advisory Board and invited by the Rector of the HWK; variable duration, based on the respective artistic project.

Who may apply?

Calls are open for highly qualified scientists of all career levels, from postdoctoral to senior researchers. Fellows are selected, based on the quality of their proposed research project, their scientific qualification, the project’s fit with the scientific activities of the HWK, the willingness to contribute to and to profit from a highly interdisciplinary scientific community, and the availability of resources. Collaborations with colleagues at the regional universities and research institutes are appreciated but not a necessary condition for a Fellowship. Scientists based at institutions in the northwestern region of Germany cannot apply for Regular or Junior Fellowships. They are encouraged, however, to motivate national or international colleagues to apply for Fellowships.

Application deadline and schedule

Applications should be submitted at least one year before the desired starting date of the Fellowship, but no earlier than three years in advance. Initially, applications are pre-reviewed by the Research Manager for the respective research area and, in case of completeness, general eligibility and fit with the research agenda, forwarded to the Scientific Advisory Board of the HWK. This board discusses all applications within approximately twelve weeks after the application deadline and gives recommendations for each application. The Rector of the HWK makes the final decision. Based on previous experience, the duration between submission of the application and notification of the applicant amounts to four or five months. The next deadline for applications for Regular Fellowships and for Junior Fellowships to be evaluated in the autumn meeting of the HWK Scientific Advisory Board is July 15, 2017.

Application format

Applications are accepted in electronic form only. Please send the complete application material (see section IV) by email to the Research Manager in charge of the field in which you would like to apply (see contact details below). Please attach all material as separate PDF files (exceptions: application form (item 1) and abstracts (items 3 & 4) as MS Word-compatible text files). The formal letter to the Rector of the HWK, the project proposal, and the CV must be signed by the applicant.

"HWK Fellowships - How to apply and financial conditions" can be downloaded from here: Downloads

Support and contact information

The Research Managers of the four fields (see below) are available for questions regarding Fellowships and the application process. We recommend contacting us early.

Research Managers

Dr. Dorothe Poggel                     +49 (0) 4221 9160-109          dpoggel@h-w-k.de

Dr. Doris Meyerdierks                +49 (0) 4221 9160-104           dmeyerdierks@h-w-k.de

Wolfgang Stenzel                      +49 (0) 4221 9160-103           wstenzel@h-w-k.de

Dr. Susanne Fuchs                     +49 (0) 4221 9160-123          sfuchs@h-w-k.de

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