Full Governmental International Scholarships at Higher School Of Economics 2017, Moscow, Russia

Publish Date: Nov 24, 2016

Deadline: May 01, 2017


International students can apply to study at HSE for free through full-tuition scholarships. This merit-based scholarship will completely waive all tuition fees for select full-degree Bachelor's and Master's programmes at HSE.
Applicants should apply to the programmes they wish to enter and indicate whether they are applying for a scholarship (in the case that scholarships are available for their chosen programs). If the application is considered to be outstanding by the application committee, the applicant will be recommended for a scholarship.

General Provisions, Terms and Definitions

1.1. These Regulations set forth the procedure for the admission of foreign nationals and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad, under educational quotas established by the Government of the Russian Federation for foreign nationals and stateless persons, to higher education programmes, including Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s programmes, at National Research University Higher School of Economics (hereinafter, “Degree Programmes” and “HSE”, respectively) in 2016.

1.2. These Regulations and related amendments shall be approved by a directive of the Rector of HSE.

1.3. The terms and definitions used herein shall have the following meanings:

1.3.1. “international applicants” or “applicants” refer to foreign nationals and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad, holding degree certificates of general secondary, secondary vocational education, and/or diplomas, and seeking admission to HSE through its Quota Scheme;

1.3.2. admission through the Quota Scheme is conducted at HSE for the admission of international applicants within the educational quotas established by the Government of the Russian Federation (hereafter, the “Quota”) for the studies of international applicants in the Russian Federation supported by subsidies from the federal budget granted to HSE by the Russian Government;

1.3.3. HSE’s Quota Scheme Committee refers to a committee established every year by the Rector’s directive in order to arrange admission of selected applicants through the Quota Scheme, as well as organise the distribution of Quotas among HSE’s educational subdivisions;

1.3.4. “selection boards” of HSE Degree Programmes (hereinafter, “Selection Boards”) refer to commissions, comprised of representatives from faculties/institutes/centres providing Degree Programmes, which have been created in order to oversee the admission of international applicants through the Quota. Selection Boards are subdivided into: Selection Boards at the Bachelor’s/Specialist level created for holding interviews in person or via remote access; Selection Boards at the Master’s level (hereinafter, “Master’s Programmes”); Members of Selection Boards for Master’s Programmes shall be approved by the dean of the faculty/academic supervisor of a specific Master’s Programme. Members of Selection Boards of Bachelor’s/Specialist programmes shall be approved by the dean of a given faculty. The composition of field-specific Selection Boards, consisting of representatives of Selection Boards approved by faculty deans, shall be approved by the Director of International Admissions.

1.4. Admission through the Quota Scheme is conducted in order to attract motivated and capable international applicants willing to study in HSE’s educational programmes.

1.5. Admission through the Quota Scheme requires proficiency in Russian and/or English, depending on the Degree Programme selected by the given international applicant. 1.6. HSE’s Quota is open to foreign nationals and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad, holding degree certificates and/or diplomas, received in the Russian Federation and/or abroad, and recognized pursuant to local and international conventions of the Russian Federation, applicable for recognizing and establishing the equivalence of foreign degree certificates and/or diplomas, who may study under HSE’s Degree Programmes, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or race, as well as their place of permanent residence.

1.7. To ensure admission to a Bachelor’s/Specialist programme through the Quota, an applicant may select:

1.7.1. the type of interview: in person or via remote access (in the format of a video-conference, or via Skype, etc.); 1.7.2. the venue for the interview on premises proposed in advance by HSE. Procedures for interviews with applicants to Master’s Programmes shall be determined by the Selection Boards of given programmes. 1.8. Organisational support for HSE’s Quota Scheme shall be provided by the Office for Cooperation with CIS and Baltic Countries and International Admissions Office (hereinafter, “International Admissions”). International Admissions and the Office for Cooperation with CIS and Baltic Countries work closely with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Federal Migration Service, Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo), the respective international representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo, and various national education authorities supervising admissions through the Quota.

1.9. Provisional distribution of Quotas among Degree Programmes shall be approved by a directive of the HSE Rector on the basis of respective proposals. Applicants seeking admission to higher education programmes delivered by HSE in conjunction with international educational institutions (hereinafter, the “Partner Organisations”), which also award diplomas issued by both educational institutions upon completion (hereinafter, “Double Degree Programmes”), shall be admitted under Quotas allocated to Degree Programmes by HSE.

1.10. Admissions, including enrolment of students, shall be handled by HSE’s Admissions Office (hereinafter, the “Admissions Office”).

1.11. Referrals to studies and visa references are issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in accordance with procedures established in Russian legislation



November 1, 2016 - May 1, 2017: applications submitted during this time will be considered for full-tuition scholarships
June 15, 2017: deadline for decision by full-tuition scholarship awardees
*Master's programs in Advanced Urban Design, Global Business, International Business, and International Relations in Eurasia, as well as all English-taught Bachelor's programmes, are not eligible for this scholarship.

Categories of International Applicants Eligible for Admission through HSE’s Quota Scheme, along with Applicable Qualification Criteria

Applicants taking part in the admission process through HSE’s Quota are divided into three categories:

  • applicants seeking admission to Bachelor’s Programmes of at HSE;
  • applicants seeking admission to Specialist Programmes at HSE;
  • applicants seeking admission to Master’s Programmes at HSE, including Double Degree Programmes.
  • The following qualification criteria shall be applied for admissions through the Quota:
  • participation in HSE competitions;
  • participation in international and national Olympiads/competitions;
  • results of interviews at the Selection Boards of respective HSE Degree Programmes;
  • successful completion of studies through Faculty of Pre-university Training for international students.
  • Selection Boards may develop additional qualification criteria:
  • for applicants of Russian-taught educational programmes at the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s level;
  • for applicants of English-taught educational programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level.
  • Those applicants, who applied to the Quota in the previous year, can take part in the current admission process through the Quota Scheme under the same terms as other applicants.
  • Winners or laureates of the International Competition of Youth (hereinafter, the “Olympiad”) may be recommended for admission under the Quota (without an interview) to programmes at the Bachelor’s/Specialist level related to the specific field of competition. The correlation between fields of competition and HSE Degree Programmes shall be approved as per a directive issued by the First Vice Rector in charge of HSE’s international affairs.
  • The final decision on admitting an international applicant under the Quota shall be approved by the HSE Quota Scheme Committee

About HSE University

Consistently ranked as one of Russia’s top universities, the Higher School of Economics is a leader in Russian education and one of the preeminent economics and social sciences universities in eastern Europe and Eurasia. Having rapidly grown into a well-renowned research university over two decades, HSE sets itself apart with its international presence and cooperation.
Our faculty, researchers, and students represent over 50 countries, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest academic standards. Our newly-adopted structural reforms support HSE’s drive to internationalize and the groundbreaking research of our faculty, researchers, and students.
Now a dynamic university with four campuses, HSE is a leader in combining Russian education traditions with the best international teaching and research practices. HSE offers outstanding educational programmes from secondary school to doctoral studies, with top departments and research centres in a number of international fields.

HSE Admissions Committee Application Procedure for International Applicants

Prior to submitting documents to the HSE Admissions Committee, an international applicant, who has passed the interview process and has been recommended for admission, must e-mail a scanned copy of their degree certificate/diploma issued by a foreign educational institution to the Centre for Recognition of Foreign Credentials, pursuant to the Procedure for Recognizing Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications for the Purpose of Instructing and (or) Hiring Citizens with Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications at National Research University Higher School of Economics (hereinafter, the “Centre for Recognition”).

After the international applicant has been cleared by the Centre for Recognition and advised by e-mail regarding a decision in their favour, the applicant shall personally submit all necessary documents to the HSE Admissions Committee by October 31, 2016. 6.3. If an applicant’s foreign credentials are not recognised in Russia pursuant to international treaties concluded with the Russian Federation regulating the recognition and acknowledgement of the equivalence of said foreign credentials, and if this foreign credentials were granted by foreign educational institutions not included in the official list established by the Government of the Russian Federation, the international applicant must present a confirmation of recognition of his/her foreign education and/or qualification by December 31, 2016. Furthermore, the international applicant shall handle this matter on their own through the Federal State Budget Institution - Main State Center for Education Evaluation.

A list of documents submitted by international applicants to the Admissions Committee is established by HSE bylaws regulating admissions to Degree Programmes. 6.5. Documents presented in a foreign language shall be accompanied by a notarised Russian translation. In addition, they shall be legalised in those cases stipulated by Russian legislation.

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