ESFL Regional Conference, 14 November 2015, Vienna, Austria

Publish Date: Oct 09, 2015

ESFL Regional Conference, 14 November 2015, Vienna

European Students for Liberty invite you to the first ESFL Regional Conference to be held in Vienna, Austria. On the 14th of November, hundreds of students from Austria and other nearby countries will be given the opportunity to listen to various speakers from all over the world.


The topic of the Conference is the Austrian School of Economics. The Austrian School of Economics is a school of economic thought which name is based on its Austrian founders and early supporters, including Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Ludwig von Mises and Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek. Austrian economists emphasize the organic evolving nature of market dynamics, a subjectivist approach to economics and contractual agreements between agents as the best way to facilitate exchange and trade. Even if you are not an expert on Austrian economics this conference will be a perfect opportunity to learn from speakers who will provide you with an basic understanding of it.

Austrian Tour

The day after the Regional Conference we will be providing any participant of the conference with an extensive tour exploring the history of the Austrian School in Vienna.


The location of this Regional Conference will be Roof Hall of the Public Education Center Urania. You can travel to the Location with the U-Bahn’s U1 and U4, and the Strassenbahn 1 and 2.

Admission fee

The admission fee is 5 euros for students and 10 euros for non-students.

Partner Organization

The “Austrian Libertarian Movement” is an independent forum managed by students dedicated to the principles of freedom. The Austrian Libertarian Movement was founded in the fall 2011 by students who wanted to increase the awareness for the importance of liberty for a society. As a team of young students they are particularly concerned with the increasing growth of government and therefore the limits on individual freedom that this creates. In Austria and Europe as a whole it is witnessed these limitations on individual freedom through more and more government intervention in the free markets and our personal lives over the last decades. The Austrian School of Economics influences our theoretical background; moreover we are supportive of all initiatives promoting libertarian ideas.

The language of the conference is English and the dress code is business casual.


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