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Enology and Wine Business Certificate Program 2016-2017, Yerevan

Publish Date: Oct 10, 2016

Deadline: Oct 21, 2016

Admission to the Enology and Wine Business Certificate Program 2016-2017

The Enology and Wine Business Certificate Program offered jointly by EVN Wine Academy and the Geisenheim University provides a professional specialization with intensive on-the-job training in winemaking and wine business.

Program Description

The recent positive developments in the Armenian wine industry sparked the development of the EVN Wine Academy. Through education, research, and consultancy, the EVN Wine Academy is sustaining the Armenian winemaking sector in many respects, particularly through the international certificate program in Enology and Wine Business.

This certificate program is administered by the EVN Wine Academy and the renowned Geisenheim University at the International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE) in Yerevan, Armenia.

The program is based on an 18-month curriculum, which includes three preparatory courses. The curriculum is taught in English and focuses on interaction between students, international instructors, wine experts, wineries, and other actors in the wine industry. Classes are conducted in the evenings three times a week to provide students flexibility to work or study elsewhere.

This program includes national and international internships at wineries, local and international study trips, and workshops.

Over the three month intensive preparatory period, the students attend courses in General and Technical English and Introductory Chemistry. Eleven core courses and a one month internship must then be completed to graduate with the joint-certificate. After graduating, students are well prepared for their professional lives in the wine industry.

Preparatory Courses

-  General English

-  Technical English in Enology

-  Introductory Chemistry

Main Courses

-  Introduction to Enology

-  Viticulture

-  Grape and Wine Chemistry

-  Wine Microbiology

-  Sensory Evaluation

-  Wine Production

-  Wine Business

-  Wine Sanitation

-  Winery Management

-  Winery Equipment

-  Wine Marketing and Tourism

Prospective students

-  Students who have completed at least their first two years of bachelor studies, preferably in agricultural, economic, or technology curricula.

-  Specialists from colleges related to the wine industry or winemaking.

-  Students with a Bachelor's degree or higher, including backgrounds unrelated to wine.

Admission Process & Deadlines

STEP 1: Submit the application form to the EVN Wine Academy Admission Office or through email by October 21st, 2016, 18:00.

STEP 2: Candidates will be informed of their interview dates by October 28th. Interviews will be conducted from November 2nd to 3rd.

The first day of the preparatory courses is November 7th.

EVN Wine Academy Admission Office:
Zaruhi Muradyan, Associate Director
Address: 74 Teryan Street, 0009 Yerevan, Armenia
Phone:   +37410 587 957 (ext. 32)

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